What is E3?

Posted On 10 Jun 2015
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The 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) kicks off next week and gamers everywhere wait in anticipation for the latest tech and gaming news. What does this event entail? What should you expect? Here’s a quick roundup of what E3 is (and isn’t!)

E3 began in the early 90’s as a way for game developers and designers to show off upcoming projects, and in this sense the event hasn’t changed much. It’s still closed to the public and it’s still a way for developers to give a sneak peak at upcoming games.

Big-name companies like Nintendo and Sony bring demos and pre-release versions of their latest games that’ll be released in the next year or so. Many hardware announcements also stem from the event– Microsoft revealed their Xbox One at the 2014 E3, and Sony announced their Playstation 4.

The event provides a way of seeing the roadmap for the gaming industry for the next year.

Closed off from the public

E3 is an industry-only event, and members of the public cannot attend. Then why is it such a big deal?

There is a huge amount of press that comes out of E3 every year. Many high-profile websites provide extensive coverage of the event because gamers flock to the internet in droves to see what comes out of the expo. The gaming industry is huge, and this is their biggest event.

This year’s E3 takes place between June 16th-18th, and you’re not going to want to miss this one!


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