Want to Try the Latest Software? Join the Apple Beta Program.

Get the Latest Software on Your Machine Before it Goes to the Public

You were the first to have an iPhone back in the day, when all your friends still had a Blackberry. You stood in line for an Apple watch and it was worth it. You always click Install when a new software update is ready. Sound familiar? If so, you might want to try out the Apple Beta Program.

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What is the Apple Beta Program?

The Apple Beta Program is a voluntary program that signs you up to receive the latest and greatest software before anyone else in the public. You will get notifications to download and try software months ahead of a public release.

What are the pros of the Apple Beta Program?

Each time there's a cool new tool or app, you've got it first. Remember when Apple added Siri to the Mac? Or When you can begin unlocking your iPhone with just a fingerprint? If you love new advances in technology, you're likely to love testing them out. Right now the Beta members are testing out iOS11 and tvOS!

What are the cons of the Apple Beta Program?

Beta = not finished. You will inevitably encounter bugs and flaws as you navigate around each new release. This is the point, Apple wants its Beta members to find and report bugs/flaws first so the software can get ready for a wider release. If this sounds like a call to duty for you, great! If it sounds like a huge pain in the butt, joining might not be a good fit.

How do I join?

Apple makes it easy to sign up online and get started right away.

What if I hate it?

If you encounter one too many bugs you can unenroll your device from the Apple Beta Program at any time. No problem!

So, are you already a member of the Apple Beta Program? What do you think? Let us know so we can keep our readers updated!

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