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The “Mach” in Mach Machines represents an acknowledgment of new paradigms in technology. Mach Machines strives to help people understand, dissect, learn, choose, discern and appreciate great personal technology. We strive to help our readers use their technology better. 

With the advent of the internet and more people having personal computers, it was inevitable that the world was going to change. That our lives were going to change. But likely even the most optimistic of tech dreamers didn’t know just how much things would change in the next two decades. 

We like to say that when you hold your smartphone, you hold the sum of all human knowledge in your hand. It’s not just a phone. You can finish a college degree with your smartphone. You can learn languages, connect with people all of the world, earn a living, and more. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you can do with a Mac or PC. 

These devices aren’t cheap. For many people, their computers and smartphones are among the largest purchases they make. Buying these devices is an investment. An investment in a different kind of life, and to enhance the lives they have now. 

Here at Mach Machines, we want to help you make the most of these expensive investments. We review different iPhones and computers to help you decide which one is right for you. We also help you learn how to clean up your computers. Want to know more about malware and how it can affect your life and your devices? We cover it. 

In short, if it has to do with Macs, computers, smartphones, or anything else tech-related, we cover it here at Mach Machines. We strive to be your go-to destination for learning about everything tech. 

We love hearing from our readers. If you have a content suggestion or a question, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. You can also leave a comment on our social media or in the comment section on one of our articles. We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the Team

Chief Editor

Caleb Boyd

 I learned to type on my grandmother’s typewriter. And by the way, it wasn’t a fancy electric typewriter. It was an antique non-electric that had a ribbon and a little bell and everything. Little did I know then where the world was taking us and how I’d be using a computer to do my job.

Since I’ve been here at Mach Machines, I’ve learned a lot about the world of technology. I’ve learned things my grandmother never imagined. Things I never imagined. The world of technology is fast-moving and every minute is exciting. Email me at [email protected]

junior editor

Nathan Talley

I’m a digital native, which means that I have never known a time without technology. When I hear my parents talk about a time when they didn’t even have a computer, much less a cell phone, it’s hard for me to comprehend. 

However, even being a digital native, the world of technology moves so fast that it’s impossible to stay on top of everything. Here at Mach Machines, we try to do that for you and concise the information down into chunks that even the busiest person has time to read. Email me at [email protected]

Computer Expert

Faith Ratliff

I had a cell phone before anyone else I knew had one. Back then, we called them mobile phones or car phones. My first cell phone was in a bag and we called it a “bag phone.” It was huge. About the size of a small suitcase. It’s crazy to think about that now when my phone will fit in my pocket. 

We’ve come a long way since then. Now, people can actually survive without a computer if they need to because cell phones are so powerful and have so much capability. But the world of smartphones is full of complexities, and we try to break all of that down for our readers and make the complex a little more digestible. Contact me at [email protected]

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