How to Uninstall Apps From Your PC


Use an Uninstall to Remove Apps from your Windows-based Computer With Minimal Hassle

If you just bought a new PC and want to get rid of all the extras OR you've had your computer for some time now, but are ready to speed up your PC, then consider using an uninstaller to remove apps.

A software program that uninstalls apps for you will hunt your machine for hidden files and structures related to each application. This ensure that everything goes and your PC will run as fast as possible without any extra weight.

We recommend CleanMyPC for this task. And good news! CleanMyPC now features a multi-uninstaller—you can remove up to 10 applications at a time.

What is CleanMyPC?

CleanMyPC ensures junk files get the boot and good files remain properly set up. They compare their scan to a thorough closet organization.

Plus, CleanMyPC lets you know which programs automatically start up with your computer and continue to draw resources in the background. This will help you make conscious decisions about which programs are necessary every day and which can turn off unless in use. CleanMyPC does the same thing for extensions and plug-ins — helping you keep track of programs that draw power.

“The idea behind CleanMyPC was to create a powerful utility that will support a user’s PC in good shape.Design is one of the core values MacPaw pursues. It was essential for us to give a fresh look to the software.” — Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO of MacPaw

What's the catch?

CleanMyPC is a program you buy (boo!). However, you can download CleanMyPC and try it out for free (yay!). This means you can see it in action and make sure you actually like it before every spending a penny. A big plus in our book.

So try it out and let us know what you think!

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