How to Safely Uninstall Apps from Your PC


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Remove Apps From Your PC (and Be Sure They’re Gone!)

When you purchase a new PC, it comes preloaded with a number of applications. Moreover, as you put your computer through the daily grind of life and work, you are likely to download many more applications. Over time you may find your machine running significantly slower than it used to and this may be—in part—caused by too many applications installed on your machine.

We recommend regularly checking the applications on your PC and removing unused or outdated applications.

So, how can you uninstall apps or programs from your PC? There are a number of ways to accomplish this task.

Uninstall Via Programs

Click the Start button and then open Programs and Features.

Select a program, and  you may see options to Uninstall, Change, or Repair the program. To remove it completely from your device, click Uninstall.

When Uninstall Does Not Work

Unfortunately, a simple uninstall does not always work for some PC usersAs with removing apps from a Mac, you can sometimes leave behind related programs files (even when you remove the larger app). Read only files or bonus feature files may not delete in the uninstall process. As a result, you have excess junk on your hard drive.

Further, broken or extremely outdated apps may not remove in the uninstall process.

If you have a messy computer hard drive, it might be difficult to review your applications and programs.

PC Cleaning Program

If you need to uninstall apps from your PC, the surest way to do so is to use a highly rated PC Cleaning program. The program will not only remove junk from your PC and speed up your machine, but it will also complete a safe uninstall of your unused apps.


Here at MachMachines we’re huge fans of Clean My PC for these cleaning tasks. To remove a program you can simply open Clean My PC 3, select a list of Applications, and select the one you want removed. Click uninstall and the cleaning program will let you know when the job is done. Voilà!

Hint: you can download Clean My PC and uninstall programs for free as part of their trial program! So, get it, uninstall your pesky problem apps, and if you don’t love the cleaning program you can get rid of it.

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