Ultrabooks With Best Battery Life

Ultrabooks are fantastic devices. They are light, they have sophisticated designs, they have high end specs and they sometimes even convert to tablets with touchscreens (convertible ultrabooks). However, all said and done, what good is all that when you need an ultrabook while on the go, with the battery completely dead and no charger in sight.

Ultrabooks are known for their notoriously poor battery life. That doesn’t however mean that the entire breed of ultrabooks are deadbeats when it comes to giving you battery juice throughout the day. This is why we have highlighted the ultrabooks with best battery life, below, to help you make a wise decision when buying an expensive ultrabook that you will presumably mostly use while on the move.

Before we start, we must tell you that it will be impossible to pick out THE best ultrabook with best battery life as that will depend on how you plan to use your ultrabook. What we can do is give you is a list of the top battery life optimized ultrabooks out there, as ascertained by officially disclosed manufacturer claims.

Apple MacBook Air (Up to 12 hours life)

Whether you like this Apple’s product or not, there is no denying the fact that the maximum of 12 hours that you can get out of the MacBook Air is easily the best performing ultrabook out there, at least when it comes to pure battery life performance.

Available in 11.6′ and 13.3′ versions, MacBook Air start at about $1,050 and sport a 1.3 GHz i5 Intel processor, 1440 X 900 pixel resolution, 4 GB of RAM and a minimum of a 128 GB SSD. They weigh just 2.96 lbs!

Of course, MacBook Air can be bought with much higher end specs if you are willing to shell out a lot more.

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Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus (Up to 7.5 hours life)

If you can afford about $1,750, the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus would be a fantastic purchase. The ATIV comes with a 13.3′ touchscreen and Windows 8.1.

Besides that, it sports a very high end range configuration. For starters, you get Intel’s flagship 1.8 GHz i7 processor coupled with 8 GB of RAM and an amazing screen that puts out a resolution of 3200 X 1800 pixels, the best in its class.

Considering that it is a touchscreen and that Windows 8.1 makes touch screen use very practical, you will love the 7.5 hours of unplugged time this ultrabook can offer before requiring you to put it on charge. 7.5 hours is not as impressive as the 12 hours that the MacBook Air can put out if you really want to stretch it out although it should comfortably get you through a workday.

Click here to see the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus with 7.5 hours of battery life at Amazon.com

Dell XPS 14′ Ultrabook (Up to 11 hours life)

Dell might be struggling with their desktop sales but they have a winner in the XPS 14′ ultrabook that puts out a very decent 11 hours of battery life.

Dell ultrabook with decent battery life
What is really impressive about the 11 hours of battery life is that you can extract it from an ultrabook that boasts of very high end performance specs; Intel Core i7 1.9 GHz, 8 GB DDR 3 RAM and a 14′ screen.

Priced at $1199 and the whereabouts, this ultrabook gives you plenty of bang for your buck along with great battery life. However, the lower price tag also means that you will have to settle for a 1600 X 900 resolution, Windows 8 and not Windows 8.1, a conventional hard disk and a fairly bulky 4.6 lbs of weight that you have to lug around.

Still, despite its cons, it makes for an excellent ultrabook that you can use professionally as it will still probably have battery life left when you are putting in the last few hours of a grueling work day when most other ultrabooks might have shut shop.

Click here to see the Dell XPS 14′ with 11 hours of battery life at Amazon.com

Lenovo IdeaPad 14′ Touch Ultrabook (Up to 6 hours of life)

If you avoided the Lenovo brand due to its Chinese origins, you should reconsider that call. Lenovo is making giant strides in the world of computing devices. Besides gobbling up IBM’s ThinkPad patents for commercial use, Lenovo has pretty much put out one of the best ultrabooks in the IdeaPad Yoga Pro 2.

Lenovo ultrabook with decent battery life
While the IdeaPad Yoga Pro 2 can be quite expensive if you are on a budget, the ~$600 priced IdeaPad 14′ gives you excellent value for money.

It gives you a 5-6 hours of solid battery life, an i7 Intel processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 14′ touchscreen that puts out a very decent 1600 X 900 pixel resolution. At 4.2 lbs, it is a middle weight in the world of ultrabooks.

Click here to see the Lenovo IdeaPad 14′ touch screen ultrabook with 5-6 hours of battery life at Amazon.com

Acer Aspire 13.3′ Ultrabook (Up to 7 hours of life)

With 7 hours of battery life, this is another Ultrabook that is designed to last you a full work day. Priced at about $1,349, there are enough features to keep you interested even if you initially think that it is overpriced.

Acer ultrabook with good battery life
An i7 Intel processor, 8 GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD, Windows 8 and Intel HD Graphics 4400 give you plenty of oomph for both professional as well as personal use.

The screen puts out a very impressive 1920 X 1080 full HD resolution as well. Acer have done a fantastic job of keeping the weight way down on this ultrabook, with the scales tipping at just 2.9 lbs.

This Acer Aspire model is available in more affordable Intel i5 variations and different RAM variations as well, if you can’t afford the flagship i7 with 8 GB RAM model.

Click here to see the Acer Aspire 13.3′ Touchscreen Ultrabook with 7 hours of battery life at Amazon.com 

HP Pavilion 14′ Touchscreen Laptop (Up to 6.25 hours of life)

HP themselves call this a laptop although its dimensions border on ultrabook territory. Costing just about $579, this is an excellent ultrabook if you are looking for one with great battery life as well as a modest price tag.

HP Pavilion Ultrabook with good battery life
This Intel i5 with 4 GB RAM model can give you 6.25 hours of unplugged usage. Screen resolution, as you can expect in a budget model, is only 1366 X 768 although it does come with a pretty decent Intel HD Graphics 4400 video card. It also comes with a DVD burner. A pretty good buy if you are looking for something that will do the job as a portable ultrabook, without all the bells and whistles that you might not even need for your strictly work like demands that you expect from an ultrabook for work use.

Click here to see the HP Pavilion 14′ Ultrabook with 6.25 hours of battery life at Amazon.com

The ASUS VivoBook with 5 hours of battery life ($475) and the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro ($1,345) with 6 hours of battery life are also other good options when it comes to ultrabooks with good battery life.

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