The Best Ways to Transfer iPhone Photos to Your Computer

Transfer iPhone Photos to Your Computer

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Create More Space on Your iPhone and Preserve Your Memories

A longtime iPhone user myself, I am an enthusiastic iPhotographer. A few years ago my iPhone was in perfect working order, but I had a dead pixel in the camera. I upgraded to the newest model early to get that extra pixel back! Point being, I have extensive experience taking, managing, transferring, and storing iPhone photos.

With the thousands of photos I take every year, my iPhone storage fills up quickly and slows down my processing speeds. Moreover, keeping photos on my phone alone is risky. If stolen or severely damaged, I’d lose memories. To prevent tragedy and keep your phone running fast, I have a few recommended tools.

Recommended Tools


If you already use Dropbox, you can set the service to import your photos every time you connect your iPhone to your computer. Install Dropbox to your desktop and run the program in the background for quick and easy access. From the menu bar icon, go to Preferences > Import and select “Enable camera uploads.” This will tell your computer to begin the transfer each time you connect your phone. Later on organize and catalog images if you wish, but now they’re safely in the cloud for easy access and security.


My transfer method of choice, PhotoSync is $2.99 in the App Store and worth every penny! PhotoSync wirelessly transfers your photos and videos to your computer and/or cloud storage services. It partners with approximately 20 different services and you configure the upload settings for each unique service. It also recognizes which photos on your phone have already been transferred and which ones are new — preventing duplicates! Moreover, you can run PhotoSync in the background as you browse the web, email, or work within other apps. Score!

Amazon Cloud Drive

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have free, unlimited photo storage on your account. As someone who fills up hard drives and cloud storage quickly, that is digital gold to me! You can also upload your photos directly from your phone, Instagram, and photo tools (such as Dropbox and PlayMemories). Download the AmazonPhoto app, login with your Prime membership details, and you’re up and running. Even if you don’t use this services as your everyday storage solution, it’s an awesome back up option.

A Side Note

Once you get all of those photos onto your computer, you may start to experience slower computer processing if your hard drive is filling up. We can talk more about strategies and solutions for this in future posts. In the meantime, I recommend checking out Clean My Mac 3 to get unnecessary files off of your computer and to speed up your experience. 

What other programs or apps have you used to transfer your iPhone photos? I’d love to check out new ones!

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