Top 5 Affordable 4K Televisions of 2014

Ultra HD 4K televisions are a new range of high-definition televisions with 3840×2160 pixels resolution. It offers extraordinary clarity and detail to the picture. The 4K technology is fairly new in television videos though movies have been produced using this technology. You will be able to match the experience of a movie theatre at home when you own a 4K television.

The price of 4K televisions has been a huge stumbling block for consumers but manufacturers have steadily brought down the price to woo the home consumer market. Now, you can get good bargains on 4K televisions. The four main aspects to consider while choosing a 4K television for home are refresh rate, picture quality, native content and screen size. Considering these aspects, we have put together a list of 5 best ultra HD 4K televisions that would suit your pocket.

1. Sony KD-55X9000A

Brilliant Blu-ray upscaling and excellent built-in audio makes Sony KD-55X9000A stand out among the rest of the 4K televisions available in the market. The 4K picture quality is unparalleled with clear 3D features that make it a worthy winner. 55-inch screen is big enough to make the best of Ultra HD 4K content that is available. This model clearly reminds us how important sound is to high-definition video.

sony 55' 4k television
The built-in magnetic fluid speakers with two sub-woofers are a huge plus, providing surround sound that will make a mid-segment home theater audio system quite jealous. Sony has been generous with the expansion and connection slots. On the rear of the side panel, two USB ports, single HDMI port, a third USB is seen a little above the HDMI, headphone jack and a common interface slot have been provided.

Sony Entertainment Network is a huge boost to Sony’s 4K televisions as native 4K content is more widely available. It provides access to most apps such as BBC iPlayer, NetFlix, YouTube, Skype, BBC News and Sky News. Sony KD-55X900A has everything to offer with pin-sharp 4K native content and upscaled 2D and 3D pictures.

If you are quite ready to buy the Sony 55′ 4K television, we would recommend that you read other post about Sony 4K television for sale, here.

2. Samsung UE65HU8500

It is one of the sexiest designs among 4K televisions with a curved panel and edge LED lighting. It provides stunning visuals of 2D and 3D pictures. This model is the first from the company’s flagship 2014 TV series. One striking feature of this model is the connection box that supports four HDMI 2.0 inputs, 50-60Hz UHD playback and compatibility with MHL 3.0 specs. So, you don’t have to worry about upgrading to constantly changing connection standards.

Samsung UE65HU8500 4k television

It includes Samsung’s latest smart TV system which offers significant new improvements over the last year’s features. The Social Hub has been replaced with Game One. All social media apps have been integrated into a single smart content menu window which provides seamless access. Finger control features have been introduced in this system. “Multi-screen” function which allows you to view 4 different sub-screens simultaneously is now available. The picture quality is incredible with improved upscaling technology. Samsung has also enhanced its color handling capability this year which renders near-perfect native UHD content. This model from Samsung sets a new benchmark for manufacturers of 4K televisions in the market.

3. LG 65LA970W

The 65-inch LCD TV with LED lighting from LG offers best-in-class UHD picture quality. It also supports passive 3D playback. The design is stylish with black bezel slim finish. Apart from Sony’s magnetic fluid speakers, no one else in the 4K market has managed to provide high-quality audio. LG comes second with 4.1 channel sliding speaker that offers decent sound quality. The audio speakers are retractable bars that slide down along the TV’s frame when it is turned on. LG 65LA970W also has a pop-up camera to support video calls and LG’s motion control system.

LG 65LA970W 4k television
Another unique feature of this model is the “Magic Remote”. LG allows users to select menu options by directly pointing at the relevant section on the TV screen with the “Magic Remote”. LG’s custom designed onscreen menus enable this feature seamlessly. Overall, 65LA970W, with its picture sharpness, superior audio speakers and delivery of native UHD content, scores pretty well in this segment.

4. Philips 65PFL9708

It is one of the best valued 65-inch 4K televisions in the market. Though the upscaling is crude at times, for £500 less than its competitors it is a good buy. Philips has used ambilight technology that creates an illumination of the picture being projected beyond the TV frame rendering “Ultra Pixel HD” quality images.

Philips 65PFL9708 4k television

This technology boosts the sharpness of the native UHD content and renders excellent picture viewing experience. HDMI 2.0 specification slot is not available and hence it cannot currently handle UHD content beyond 30 frames per second. This could be a downside when more native 4K content begins to dominate the UHD market.

5. Panasonic TX-L65WT600

It is one of the first Ultra HD televisions to include HDMI 2.0 port providing the ability to source 4K content at 50 and 60 Hz rather than the traditional 30 frames per second HDMI 1.4 ports.  It renders impressive 4K picture quality and intuitive user interface.  Panasonic provides active shutter for 3D rather than passive 3D playbacks seen in many models. The display panel is able to render high clarity with full HD 3D Blu-rays.

Panasonic TX-L65WT600 4k television
Panasonic’s My Home Screen interface is built sensitively. You can create a launch page by putting together services and apps that you frequently use. In spite of the brilliant picture quality and usability, the audio performance was not impressive. The video streaming services also needs to be improved to provide more 4K native content.

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