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Posted On 09 Jun 2015
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Apple dropped a lot of interesting releases at the WWDC developer’s keynote yesterday– here’s what we think about the information.


El Capitan is an interesting name for an operating system– it fits with the mountain motif but it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

Furthermore, Apple seems to have reached a point of diminishing returns with their computer operating system.

Some tweaks are welcome improvements to the OSX experience– hopefully more people will start using the multiple desktop functionality of OS X. The Split View function is incredibly useful, and it’s something that Windows users have enjoyed for years.

Performance improvements are always welcome however, and more efficient processing means that the same hardware should be able to drive even more demanding displays.

Along this note is the Metal graphics technology, maybe allowing for an increase for Apple in the gaming market. Many game developers don’t target Apple’s products for high-budget gaming, but maybe that’ll change in the near future.


These changes feel more substantial than the improvements made in El Capitan. Phone software iterates much more quickly than computer operating systems, and Apple took some significant steps to make up for lost ground.

Many of the changes surround Siri’s place on the iPhone. Her functionality will be expanded greatly, allowing for users to ask even more of the personal assistant software.

Features like reminders based on calendar entries have been in Android for a couple years now, but it’s still nice to see these on iOS even if it’s a bit late.

Apple’s making strides to create a better Maps application, and what they presented will be great if it works as well as they claim. Apple Map’s functionality hasn’t always been as full featured or reliable as the competition, but it’s refreshing to see steps in the right direction.

The News app is a good addition to iOS, but it seems strange that it’s a native app that’ll come with every iPhone. We’ll have to see how it works before making any further decisions.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is great, and the company is moving in the right direction. Right now the issue comes from acceptance from retailers– will you ever be able to ditch physical cards and simply bring your phone? An expansion of the retailers that accept Apple Pay is exactly what the company needs.

The rewards card feature is extremely helpful– often I don’t bother signing up for rewards cards because I hate carrying them around with me everywhere I go. This could change that, and I love the idea.

Apple Music

This service was leaked before the conference, and we’ll have to wait and see how well the software works before coming to any conclusions. There are already multiple entrenched competitors in the market, so Apple would really have to pull out the stops to make this worth switching to from services like Spotify.

However, the $14.99 price for a family plan is absolutely amazing. This might just be the leg up that Apple needs to find widespread adoption of the service.


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