The Best Mac Accessory Investment You Can Make


I'm not big on Mac accessories, but there is one product I cannot live without: my Mac InCase sleeve. I had one for six years before it started to show signs of wear (tears in the corners). Thus, when I upgrade my Mac recently, I upgraded my case with it. I'll be a lifelong InCase fan.

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InCase sleeves are padded protection for your Mac when its stored away (for me, in my backpack or tote bag). Even if you have a built-in computer sleeve to your work bag, I recommend you add an InCase.

These cases protect you against impact and shock to the machine. And no matter how careful you are, there's always the chance for you to bump into something or drop your bag. It also protects the computer in case of a car accident or an accident when you're traveling. If you travel for work it's an absolute no-brainer, in my opinion!

The basic sleeves start around $30 and can range up to $60 or $70, depending on features. FYI: I use just a basic case and I feel it serves my needs. Plus, the cost year-over-year is minimal.

Have you owned an InCase? What do you think?!

Incase CL60684 Slim Sleeve Durable 300D Heathered Weave Ecoya Eco-Dyed...
  • Compatibility:- MacBook Pro Retina 13in, also fits New MacBook Pro 13in
  • Material:- Durable 300D heathered weave Ecoya eco-dyed poly


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