The Best Laptop Cooling Pads

​Hardware manufacturers want to cram more and more performance into less and less space. This is great for the consumer, but there’s always going to be a critical issue with this process– computers produce heat. No matter how power efficient your CPU is, no matter how good your design might be, the computer will always get warm.

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This can get uncomfortable depending on where you're using the computer. It's tough to use a laptop if it's too warm to put it on your lap, thus defeating the purpose.

Sometimes the hardware manufacturer's design isn't enough to keep the computer cool. Putting a computer through its paces can cause excess heat production-- which is uncomfortable when it transfers into your leg. Luckily, laptop cooling pads are a great way to dissipate heat that your computer couldn't handle, keeping you safe from the monster that is thermodynamics

The Best Laptop Cooling Pads

​As with any product, there are multiple styles and levels of functionality depending on your needs and preferences.

Most laptop pads operate with two principles in mind: lifting the computer to provide space, and providing a fan to increase cool airflow. Some cooling issues stem from poor design choices, like an intake fan placed on the bottom of the computer that is blocked any time you set down the device.

​Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling

cooler master

This option from Cooler Master ​has some interesting styling and a 160mm fan for less than $15. Many companies that make computer cases also produce quality laptop pads, and this is no different.

​Ergonomic Aluminium Portable Foldable Cooling X-Stand

ergonomic aluminum

This aluminum stand doesn’t have fans, and it’s surprisingly minimalist. It fits right in with your MacBook while separating the device from the table it sits on. This should be enough to keep your computer cool for longer use sessions, and some people prefer the ability to keep their computer cool without adding additional fan noise.

​Super-slim Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

​Some people have  a huge computer or an older machine that gets obnoxiously warm during use.This option from HAVIT is great for those with larger cooling needs.

It’ll fit your 15 inch MacBook Pro without issue, and you’re not going to have a problem with heat with these dual fans running.

​Laptop cooling pads aren’t for everyone, but one of these should fit your needs if you’re having trouble with a machine running a bit too hot.


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