The best computer mice for PC and Mac

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The mouse and the keyboard are some of the most significant parts of the computer usage experience– it’s impossible to use the system without these input devices. You’re using a mouse so often, don’t you want it to be the best it can be?

Upgrading your mouse is one of the best things you can do for your computer productivity. It’s one of those upgrades where you’ll never be able to go back to using a cheap mouse– but that’s for the best.

The best computer mice 

Touchpad… for desktops?


Apple has almost perfected the laptop touchapd. There simply isn’t a Windows machine that can match any of Apple’s trackpad offerings. Some people love it so much they start wanting on for their desktop computer– thus the Apple Wireless Magic Trackpad

 was born.

Anyone who has used one of Apple’s trackpads understands just how great they are. Some people just get used to this wonderful trackpad– and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Apple’s attempts at conventional mice have been middling at best, and terrible at worst. People who want a conventional mouse will want to turn to other manufacturers for better options.

The best value gaming mouse:

Logitech is a great manufacturer of computer accessories. Their mice are tough to beat for most applications– general use, gaming, and professional design work.


The two thumb buttons make a huge difference while web browsing


The Logitech G400s

is a great upgrade for the gaming oriented user. The design is a bit garish and unconventional, but the device has all of the basic features that will take your game to the next level.

Two thumb buttons on the side of the mouse can be programmed to whatever function the user desires. This means that you have a couple of extra buttons available for quick use in the middle of your gaming session. These buttons are automaticially mapped as page forward and page back for web browsing, which makes a huge difference in the user experience.

The buttons in the middle of the mouse adjust the dots per inch, or DPI, of the sensor. Higher DPIs translate to a higher sensitivity, meaning a smaller hand movement creates a “longer” mouse movement on the screen. The opposite is true for lower DPIs. Being able to swap this setting on the fly allows you to tailor your sensitivity to whatever you need for your in-game situation.

Be careful, once you buy this mouse you won’t be able to go back to a cheap one.

Pricey but wonderful:

Logitech occasionally puts out mice for professional power users– people who want to get the most out of their computers. The MX Master Wireless Mouse

 is one of the best mice on the market.

The mouse comes with many features geared towards professional users. Logitech claims 40 hours of use with the mouse, and furthermore, a “full day’s worth” of use (a specific time isn’t specified here) can be gained after only four minutes of charging. The MX Master comes with a receiver that can be used with any type of computer, and it supports a bluetooth wireless connection. You can switch between three different computers quickly and easily, meaning you can spend more time working and less time fiddling with options and plugs.

You can switch between a notched and free-spinning scrollwheel quickly and easily, allowing for whatever type of use you need depending on the application. The mouse is incredibly precise and will improve your workflow immensely. This will be your last mouse purchase for a very long time.

Whether you’re an excel junky, a 3D-designer, or a video editing whiz, this mouse is great for you.

This performance comes with a price tag, however, and the mouse clocks in at $99. This is a steep price to pay, but it’s worth the money you consider the productivity gained through the well-designed hardware and helpful software.

MKBHD, one of the best tech reviewers on YouTube, loves the mouse– that should be enough!


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