What is Malware?

​ ​Understand What is Malware and How It Negatively Impacts Your SystemWe like to say that malware is tricky software. It's a program or application on your computer that appears to be innocuous, but actually infects your machine. Here's an example: recently, I wanted...
Posted On 21 Apr 2018
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Uninstall Malware Posing As Mac Cleaning Software

​ ​Some Mac Cleaning Software Infects Your Machine: Be Sure You Only Use the Real DealWe love solid Mac cleaning software (like CleanMyMac 3) because it makes your digital life easier. Which is the whole point of a digital life. However, some programs masquerading as...
Posted On 08 Apr 2018
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How to Remove Malware from Your Mac

​ ​If you believe you have infected software or apps (Malware) on your Mac, it's time to take charge and remove those suckers at once! You can do so in one of two ways:First, Manually Remove All Malware From Your MacIf you know which software program or app is causing the...
Posted On 07 Apr 2018
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Does Your Mac Have Malware?

​ ​How to know if your Mac is suffering from a Malware AttackMaybe things on your Mac "feel funny" lately? And you're wondering if you are the victim of a malware attack? But, how can you know if malware is on your Mac? Malware apps are tricky—they try to pose as other...
Posted On 06 Apr 2018
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