Switching from iPhone to Android? Read This First.

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If You’re Making the Switch iPhone to Android, You Need to Prepare

Based on my interest in the Google Pixel and the excellent reviews of the new phone, I recently tried out the Google Pixel phone, with its Android system. What I found is that the switch from iPhone isn’t entirely painless, but there are ways you can pave your way to smoother road.

Upload Pictures and Music to Google

Android phones, in particular the Google Pixel, run their photo storage off of Google Photos. Your best bet is to back up all of your iPhone photos to Google Photos now. You can do this directly from you phone, or you can upload everything to your computer using an app such as PhotoSync and then transfer your media to Google Photos. If you choose the latter option, we recommend running Gemini 2 before you transfer to Google Photos. This program will allow you to check for duplicate files (for example, you don’t need both the original image and edited image of the same scene). And once duplicates are cleaned up, you can have a fresh experience on Google Photos.

Same thing with music! You need to get everything up and running on Google Play. You can start this process even before you purchase an Android phone. And we recommend running a quick sweep through your music with Gemini 2.

Finally, we recommend cleaning up all of your files, and making sure the transfer didn’t clog your Mac’s system with junk files, by using CleanMyMac 3 (or, if you’re on a PC, CleanMyPC).

Turn off iMessages before you transfer to your Android device

The biggest pain for me was the missed messages in my first 48 hours with an Android device. I couldn’t figure out where all my texts from family and friends were going. Turns out, I hadn’t turned off iMessages on my iPhone or iPad. I had a stash of messed communications on those two devices. Go to Settings > Messages > iMessage and toggle off iMessage. (PS: do the same for FaceTime!)

Deregister from iMessages

Like I said, the text message issues were the worst part of the transition for me. Go ahead and deregister from iMessages via the Apple website 24 hours before you make the switch. This will ensure your contacts start sending you SMS instead of iMessages. You’ll be happy you did this!

Choose a file management app

After years on iPhone, I’m used to using the native applications because they work great. Plus, Apple limits third party software in many ways. Although the Android system on the new Google Pixel is pretty fabulous, it’s still not as smooth as an out-of-the-box iPhone. I recommend investigating third party applications to manage your files and give you a more seamless experience. I used Gallery, for example to mimic the iPhone photo gallery, which is a look I prefer.

Have you made the switch from iPhone to Android? How’d it go? What would you recommend our readers do to smooth the transition? Tell us in the comments.

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