Screenflow For PC Review: What Is It And How Does It Work


Screenflow is by far the best screen recording and video editing software on today’s market. This software allows you to capture, edit, and share high-quality screencasts effortlessly. It also lets you choose specific windows for recording sections of your screen.

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Unfortunately, you can only enjoy the benefits of Screenflow on Apple’s Mac – the developer of the software hasn’t yet released a version of the software that runs on PC. Any websites or forums claiming to have a Screenflow for PC are untrue. It is advisable that you stay away from them because they are just scam sites looking to dupe you into downloading fake software.

If you are a PC user looking to record high-quality screens, you will have to find a ScreenFlow for PC alternative. Fortunately, there are several options available. But before we get to that, let’s take a deeper look at Screenflow and some of its benefits.

 What is Screenflow and What Does it Do?

Man and PC

Screenflow is a powerful yet easy to use software used to create high-quality screens and edit videos on Mac. This intuitive program lets you capture the contents of your screen while simultaneously playing a video and audio.

The software also allows users to edit the captured content by readjusting and trimming video and audio recordings as well as adding things like callouts, annotations, and motions.

The program is designed to help educators, marketers, and developers of mobile apps create quality software demos, tutorials, app reviews, training, and more.

It achieves this by providing a wide range of features including IOS recording, partial screen capture, robust video editing tools, animation and motion graphics, closed caption support, efficient media management, MP4 encoding, export of animated GIF, and publishing options.

 How Does ScreenFlow Work?

Easy-to-Use Interface

One of the things that stand out about the Screenflow software is its user-friendly interface.

This software's intuitive interface offers three program navigation options.  The “new recording” option lets you capture your screen, audio, or both. The other two navigation options are for creating blank documents and opening saved documents, respectively.

Light and Fast Program

Additionally, Screenflow for screencasting offers the best quality possible recordings despite being a lightweight program. It not only allows you to record your desktop screen, but also any IOS devices linked to your desktop via the wireless connection.

The program gives you the freedom to choose between an inbuilt camera and an external recorder. The software captures your mouse’s movement too. This is especially handy when making instructional videos.

Video Editing

Screenflow is also a powerful video editor. This inbuilt video editor saves you the struggle of transferring files to a separate video editing software – everything you need is packaged in one program.

File Transfer

ScreenFlow allows you to export your finished work easily. You can export your files in a number of ways, with the most common method being the FILE>EXPORT option.

Additionally, this program offers a multitude of file export customizations. For example, the easy-to-use auto-export allows you to automatically select the most suitable export option for your finished project. You can effortlessly choose between high-quality and lower quality (but quicker) exports.

 ScreenFlow for PC Might Not Be Available, But These Alternatives Are

1. Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber Pro is one of the most trusted alternatives of ScreenFlow. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, and Windows 10.

This versatile screen recorder comes with an intuitive interface that makes all your recording tasks hassle-free. With this software, you can make recordings in full screen, webcam, and the region around a mouse – basically anywhere on the screen. Even better, you can choose your preferred audio input as the microphone, system, or both!

Screen Grabber Pro also provides you with easy-to-use real-time editing features. This allows you to annotate your video while recording is in progress, which comes in handy if you are making instructional videos. Moreover, the software allows you to save your recordings in different formats such as WMV, AVI, MP4, and MOV.

2. Movavi Screen Capture Studio


Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the closest “Screenflow for PC” experience you can get. This ScreenFlow alternative offers high-quality recordings, a user-friendly interface, and easy sharing of files.

When it comes to recording, the Movavi software offers a number of handy features including:

  • Hotkeys for easy recording. You can use the F10 button to start and stop recording, F9 to pause and resume recording, and F8 to capture screenshots.
  • Ability to preset the recording time using the “Time” feature, which also displays a countdown before the actual recording begins.
  • Easy recording of multiple video clips.
  • It displays keystrokes on your screen and allows you to adjust the cursor style.
  • It supports HD recording for PowerPoint, video and audio, webcam, video games, and much more.

After recording, you can either edit your videos right away or save to edit them later. Regardless of what you choose, Movavi has got you covered. The software comes with a robust editing tool that allows you to customize your recordings according to your needs.

Here’s how the Movavi Video Editor will help you:

  • It supports multi-track editing, allowing you to add audio, videos, and titles to your project.
  • It takes your screencast to the next level by allowing you to add effects and transitions such as Chroma Key, blurriness, and zoom.
  • It allows you to adjust the playback speed of both the audio and video recordings.
  • It offers over 20 title templates, letting you add cool fonts to your recordings in just a few clicks.
  • It comes with all the standard editing tools. These include split, rotate, multi split, filters, crop, and more.

In addition to having awesome video recording and editing tools, the Movavi software allows easy sharing of video and audio recordings. Not only can you customize your recordings to suit your target audience, but also choose an output format that entices your viewers.

You can share your videos directly via Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. Movavi’s Share Online tool also supports many video hosting sites.

3. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

This is a more budget-friendly ScreenFlow for PC alternative. It is powerful, user-friendly, and most importantly, free!

Apowersoft Screen Recorder comes with a simplistic user interface that allows users to make screencasts effortlessly.

The intuitive interface aside, Apowersoft boasts of a wide range of powerful functions. You can record any part of your PC’s screen. Even better, the program works for mobile gadgets.

But that’s not all the Apowersoft Screen Recorder can do. With the application, you can choose your preferred audio input (Microphone, System, or both), add a webcam, and even get help customizing your video format to fit your target audience.

When you are done making the project, you can store both your video and audio recordings on a free cloud space provided by the app’s developer, ShowMore.

There’s also a desktop version of the Apowersoft Screen Recorder. It has more recording nodes that allow you to take and save screenshots, as well as take picture-in-picture recording with your webcam.

Another awesome feature of the Desktop version of this app is that it comes with a task scheduler. With this tool, you can preset future recordings to start automatically as you focus on other tasks.

4. Camtasia Screen Recorder

Camtasia Screen Recorder

Camtasia is another reliable ScreenFlow for PC alternative, but its hefty price tag might put you off. TechSmith—the app’s developer—charges $299 for single use and about $150 for every update.

But if you don’t mind spending a few bucks to get things right, you can enjoy the great features that come with this tool. The app allows you to capture screens on any part of your computer’s display screen as well as add a webcam to your recording session.

Once you are done with recording, you can use this screen recording tool to import your cursor video and microphone/system sound onto individual tracks where you can edit each separately.

Being a robust Screenflow for PC alternative, Camtasia is best suited for professionals. If you are new to the world of screen recording, you might want to start with the Apowersoft Screen Recorder before you even consider spending your money on this program.

5. Adobe Premiere Elements


If you love Adobe products and would like a pocket-friendly solution for video editing needs, then this is the tool for you.

It is an affordable, scaled-down model of the Adobe Premiere designed for amateur video editors.  The interface of the Adobe Premiere Elements is user-friendly, with the entry screen offering video organization, auto-movie generation, and editing options.

This program was once voted the best-selling video editing software in the video, edging out competitors such as PowerDirector, AVS Video Editor, Pinnacle studio, iMovie and many more.

The software can handle unlimited audio and video tracks, has numerous keyframed effects that are applicable to each video clip, and comes with Chromakey capabilities. Whatever the reason for its success, Adobe Premiere Element is still is one of the best video editing tools out there.

One of the advantages of using Adobe Premiere Elements as a novice editor is that it allows you to learn the craft progressively. Once you are conversant with Adobe Premiere Elements, you can proceed to use the Adobe Premiere Pro.

Although the latter is more expensive, it offers better speeds with regard to real-time video rendering, allowing you to preview clip edits instantly before they are uploaded on the internet. It also has more editing options than the Elements, making it suitable for professional editors.

You can find versions of Adobe Premiere Elements for both Mac OS and Windows online.

6. CamStudio


CamStudio is another great ScreenFlow for PC alternative for individuals looking to make great screencasts without breaking the bank.

This free screen recorder can simultaneously record any part of your PC’s screen with audio. It also allows you to adjust the quality of your screencasts before recording them. This ensures that you produce screencasts that suit the specific needs of your target audience.

You can save your screencasts in AVI format, or use the inbuilt SWF converter to change AVI videos to your preferred video format. Unlike most of the software out there, you don’t need any extra installations to record video and audio on your PC.

7. LICEcap


LICEcap works on both Windows and OSX. With this application, you can capture and save your desktop screencast in LCF or GIF.

Despite being a light application, LICEcap has a powerful, flexible, user-friendly interface. The application comes with the following capabilities and options:

  • It allows you to the capture the frame of your screen while recording is in progress.
  • It allows you to pause and restart screen recording so that you can insert messages and tags.
  • The application comes with a global hotkey (Shift + Space) that allows you to toggle pausing during screen recording.
  • The adjustable full recording frame rate allows throttling of CPU utilization.
  • There is a title frame option from which you can input text (or leave blank).
  • A timer is displayed on the screen during recordings.
  • You can record mouse movement and button presses.

ScreenFlow for PC Might Be Available Soon

Laptop and iPod

Currently, ScreenFlow is only compatible with Macs. But if you are a PC user looking to capture high-quality screens, you will find the seven ScreenFlow for PC alternatives above more than useful. Yes, they are not ScreenFlow, but they are the closest you can get.

If you are new to the world of screen recording, you might want to consider using free ScreenFlow for PC alternatives and then progress to more advanced and professional screen recording and video editing software. Also, pay special consideration to screen recording applications with powerful performance and easy-to-use interface.

Not everybody uses Mac. For that reason, developers are creating ScreenFlow for PC to meet the demand from Windows users. However, the date of the release is yet to be revealed. This means that PC users will still have to wait for quite some time before getting their hands on the ScreenFlow for PC program.

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