Save Your iPhone Battery in Winter

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cold iPhone battery

Cold iPhone battery? Protect your lithium ion battery for longer.

I live in Chicago and we spend large swaths of the year wrapped in cold temperatures. As someone who regularly commutes to work meetings on foot I often find myself on my iPhone out in the freezing temps. Doing this is how I learned my iPhone battery drains quickly on cold weather days. My iPhone might say 46% battery when I walk out the door, but after a couple of blocks I pull it out of my pocket and it’s drained to 13%. What’s up? And how can I protect my iPhone battery in the cold?

Why your iPhone dies quickly in the cold

Lithium ion batteries work best between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. They start to falter in weather outside that range. In cold weather batteries must work harder, increasing internal resistance, and, thus, draining life faster. Batteries performance is highest at room temperature — somewhere are 68 degrees Fahrenheit. And they charge best at this temperature, too.

How to prevent your iPhone battery from draining in winter months

If, like me, you live in a winter climate and frequently expose your iPhone to the elements, we recommend taking steps to protect your battery as much as possible.

  1. Use a case in winter months and consider something thicker like an OtterBox
  2. Keep your phone in an internal pocket of your purse/briefcase/backpack; or, better yet, keep it inside your pocket up against your body with a coat over it
  3. Avoid photography/video in extremely low temperatures (these are battery draining activities that exacerbate the drain in cold weather)
  4. Use an external charger to give your iPhone battery a boost when it needs it

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