Samsung Galaxy S6: What’s On Offer?

samsung galaxy s6 leaked picture

Cnet Korea put out this leaked picture of the Galaxy S6. If true, it suggest a metal body, color options and maybe even a curved design.

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Samsung has extended invitations to its annual launch event “Unpacked”, where it is likely to unveil its flagship product; Galaxy S6. Unpacked is scheduled for the 1st of March, 2015.

It is believed that there would be two variants of the S6: Edge and Active. The teaser shows a curved device and everyone is hoping Samsung has come up with something revolutionary in terms of the design, considering previous Galaxy models have been a bit rather boring. With iPhone 6 becoming a showstopper smartphone in recent times, the Galaxy S6 will need to offer extra oomph to edge out Apple’s iconic phone.


Samsung Galaxy S6 might be powered by Qualcomm’s 64-bit processor. Samsung could opt between Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810. A few rumors suggest that Samsung might favor its own Exynos 7420 processor to Qualcomm, due to overheating issues reported in Snapdragon 810. However, there might also be a version of the phone that uses the Snapdragon 810.

The flagship device is expected to come in three storage capacities of 32, 64 and 128 GB models. Samsung might support 3GB RAM with a microSD slot that can accept up to 128 GB of storage real estate. The phone will come in four color options: White, Black, Blue and Red. A few websites have also reported a gold color, maybe offered as a limited edition model.

Samsung might go with its favorite tried and tested SuperAMOLED display technology. We can hope for Quad HD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels matching LG’s flagship smartphone or even larger 4K resolution sported by televisions that boast of a 2160 x 3840 resolution. The screen size will be bigger than its predecessor and can get as large as 5.5 inches.  Galaxy S5 had a 5.1 inch screen. LG G3 already has a 5.5 inch screen. Hence, Samsung must try and get the 5.5 inch screen out or at least somewhere in between to cater to audiences that are increasingly loving bigger smartphones.

There is a high possibility of a flexible or curved display being incorporated into the S6, if teasers are anything to go by.

galaxy s6 rumor
Galaxy S6 is most likely to have a metal design, in a big to allow Samsung to lose the boring design tag that all previous Galaxy phones seem to have picked up.  Some rumors even suggest that Samsung might use graphene material but it just sounds a bit too fat fetched at the moment.

The phone will sport front speakers for better music experience and the front camera is expected to have a flash. Samsung is aiming to render high quality selfies by featuring a flash for the front cam. Overall, the music experience is expected to go a few notches up as smartphone manufacturers are striving to get their mobiles to function as a high-quality stand alone music player.

Smartphones are doubling up as high quality cameras as well. Hence, Samsung is planning for either a 16MP or a 20 MP rear camera to woo consumers. The front camera could be 5 MP. As you might already know, camera resolution isn’t always an indicator of how good a camera will be but it would be a safe guess to say that the Galaxy S6’s camera won’t be a schmuck.

We are expecting Samsung to enhance its TouchWiz interface over Android 5.0 Lollipop, maybe even possibly come out with the already tweaked 5.1. The TouchWiz interface may render a stock Android experience by making many of the apps available as downloads instead of just forcing it down on people in the form of pre-installed apps. 


Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will be the waterproof (not just water resistant) and shockproof variant while the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would be the slimmer version with curved edges. The edge panel might have Glance Lighting feature that lights up when receiving calls and notifications. Rumors have that the lighting can be color coded by contacts.

Exciting New Features:

Samsung is still working hard on introducing a new payment system. Galaxy S6 is rumored to employ magnetic stripes to support LoopPay technology. The new payment system does not require NFC and instead works similar to the card swiping technique. We will need to wait and see if it is being introduced with Galaxy S6.

Samsung is also working to improve its fingerprint sensor to work with touch rather than swipe-based input. This is mainly to match the Touch ID feature of iPhone 6.

Battery life of smartphones has been a sticky point. Various new technologies have been emerging to ensure faster charging and longer life. But, nothing has seen the light! Will Samsung introduce the StoreDot super fast charging technology with Samsung Galaxy S6? Not likely but only time will tell.

StoreDot technology is capable of fully charging your phone in one minute. It would take a couple of years to master the technology and match the size of lithium-ion batteries.


With classy design and high-end features, the Galaxy S6 will not come cheap. Tech experts are expecting Samsung to price Galaxy S6 similar to its other Galaxy models averaging around 850 Euros, unlocked of course. The pricing is not a surprise as all quality products come at a premium. Of course, locked S6 models with contracts tagging along will cost a lot cheaper.

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