Quick Photography File Management Tips

Use Software to Remove Duplicate Files and Speed Up Your Computer

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
— Alfred Stieglitz

I find photography calming. For me, there's incredible joy in stopping the world for a millisecond and then carefully crafting a final piece through editing techniques. My photos represent both my reality and also my subjective view of the world. It's an artful hobby I will carry with me always.

On the flip side, it's a hobby that eats up storage space on my computer hard drives. A typical photo for me starts as a RAW file or a JPG Fine image. I copy it into Lightroom and, at times, export it to Photoshop. Typically, I save the final images in both web-optimized sizes and high resolution sizes. Sometimes I watermark my photos and other times I don't. Many times I share my photos on social media. This process inevitably creates duplicates of each photo.

Years down the line, I don't need each photo in six sizes and crops. However, I have thousands and thousands of photographs and nowhere near enough time to compare find and compare duplicate photos from several years ago. Thus, my long standing love affair with Gemini 2.

Before you tune out, let me tell you: Gemini 2 is a free trial download. You can give it a whirl before purchasing (which is how I first used it). It's a software from a company that makes award-winning Mac cleaning software (so they know their stuff). And it's ridiculously easy to use (a must for me!).

Gemini 2 scans all of your files and folders and it can identify when a two files contain the same core information (even if the files have radically different file names). The program then shows you the suspected duplicates and lets you review and decide what to keep. And it warns you if you try deleting the last copy of something. As a photographer, this is an incredibly efficient way to clean up an overloaded hard drive.

And if you have photos stored on multiple hard drives or external drives? Don't worry! Gemini 2 can scan multiple drives.

I'm more interested in taking and editing the photos then in managing the photography files. Which I assume is true for most photographers. So, a super quick, easy photography file management software program works for me. Maybe you'll love it, too? Let me know after you give it a spin for free!

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