Quick Facts on macOS Sierra

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quick facts on macOS Sierra

Image via Apple.com/macos/sierra-preview/

Apple announced last month that it will release macOS Sierra in Fall 2016. Here are some quick facts, tips, and rumors about the upcoming operating system:

  • It’s named macOS Sierra as opposed to Sierra OS X (bringing the system naming in line with other Apple products).
  • As of last week (July 7) you can sign up to download and use macOS Sierra as part of the beta program.
  • Siri will now be available on your macOS.
  • Your Clipboard will be available across Apple devices: if you clip something on your iPhone, you’ll be able to paste it onto your laptop without additional transfer steps.
  • There will be greater integration between your macOS and your iWatch, including a computer unlock feature.
  • iCloud will sync all files across all devices.
  • You’ll see modest upgrades to iTunes, Photos, and Apple Pay.
  • You can expect the public release of macOS Sierra sometime in September.

One feature that really caught our eye here at Mach Machines, though, was the cleaning and storage upgrades. We are excited to see how this built-in feature integrates with our long-loved CleanMyMac 3 product!

What are you most excited about with the macOS Sierra launch this fall? Are you already using it in beta? Tell us about it!

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