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When You’re Ready to Prevent that Spinning Rainbow Wheel Once and For All

If you’re in the midst of a spinning rainbow and you need immediate, sweet relief from that pesky wheel, then first read our cornerstone posts on How to Fix and Prevent Mac’s Spinning Rainbow Wheel and More Ways to Fix and Prevent Mac’s Spinning Rainbow Wheel.

However, if you’re ready to start thinking about long-term product solutions to your Mac spinning rainbow wheel problem, we’ve got your covered.

Move Most of Your Files onto a Cloud or External Hard Drive

Your computer is often running slow because it’s weighed down by many, many files. You can give it a good kick in the butt by lightening its load. As a photographer, I have thousands of RAW files and high resolution final images. These would do serious damage to my Mac speed so I save these types of files on a Western Digital hard drive and leave my Mac hard drive with more room to breathe.

Further, I host personal photos and files on Dropbox and selectively sync only active folders. These products help me ensure that my Mac speeds like the wind when I’m working from it. Explore your files and see what might make sense to move to an external hard drive or cloud storage solution.


Consider a Cooling Pad for Your Mac

If you feel as if your Mac is frequently hot to the touch, you might need a cooling pad to prevent your Mac spinning rainbow. The Mac often overheats

when you’re running graphics-intense programs such as video games and image editing software. A cooling pad essentially takes a wet towel to the marathoner’s forehead and keeps it going.



Do Yourself a Favor and Check Out Clean My Mac 3

A basic CleanMyMac 3 scan runs through the following items: system junk, photo junk, mail attachments, iTunes junk, and trash bins. It cleans up each of these areas creating more space on your hard drive and speeding up your Mac. It also identifies files on your hard drive that are particularly large and/or old, allowing you to make cleaning decisions on these individual items.

My first scan with CleanMyMac3 cleared up over 10 GB of space. It also identified nearly 12 GB of large and old files for me to review. And at its conclusion, it succinctly reported its actions, without asking me to investigate complex technical issues like my PC software had done back in the day.

Read our full review of Clean My Mac 3 >


The goal of each of these products is to help you run a faster Mac and prevent the Mac spinning rainbow wheel without having to buy a new computer. Have you tried any of these yet? What worked for you?

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