Fantastic Podcast Apps for iPhone and Android

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podcast apps for iPhone and Android

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The Best Podcast Apps for iPhone and Android

Like so many Americans, the Serial podcast was my gateway series into the podcast world. After its conclusion I was hooked and found a number of other programs to enjoy on my commutes.

I’m currently rotating between these top podcasts: On the Media, Criminal, Curious City, The Lively Show, Embedded, and Stuff You Should Know. Plus, I add the occasional new show in for variety. Once I started enjoying a wide variety of shows, I started to hear about alternatives to the built-in podcast app — podcast apps that would help me better manage my programming. Curiosity piqued.

After review, here’s what I learned are a few fantastic podcast apps for iPhone and Android listeners:

podcast apps for iPhone and Android

Regularly hailed as THE podcast app to have, Overcast is completely free, but only available on iPhone. The app helps stabilize volume on your programs and includes smart speed, which shortens pauses or breaks in your shows.

Castro (iPhone)

Castro is the app for those who like to look at really beautiful design (and get a great listening experience as well!). The interface on Castro is heralded for not only being beautiful, but also simple. It has fewer features than apps like Overcast, but what it does have will be plenty for most casual listeners. Castro is free for iOS devices.

Pocket Casts (iPhone, Android, Wind0ws)

Pocket Casts is an awesome choice if you are both an Android and iOS user (maybe you want to sync your Android phone and iPad?). The application runs and syncs across devices and systems. The app also has automatic controls (download and delete) and widely hailed filters and playlists. It costs $3.99 in the Google Play store.

podcast apps for iPhone and Android

Podcast Republic (Android)

A simple-to-use, well-built podcast app that will sync across Android devices, Podcast Republic is free with ads. Or you can go ad-free for $1.99. This is a basic Android app, but includes must-have features like multiple playlists and a sleep timer.

Podcast Addict (Android)

Free with ads or $2.99 for the premium, ad-free version, Podcast Addict allows listeners to source programming from multiple places. It also helps you identify new programs based on your demonstrated interests. Additionally, Podcast Addict allows you to organize RSS feeds and YouTube channels, which many other podcast apps don’t do.

So, what podcast apps are on your love it list? Did I miss any?

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