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Posted On 13 Apr 2018
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My Most Used Mac Apps and What You Need to Install on Your New Mac

Whether you're entirely new to Mac, or you recently upgraded your machine, you might be taking a survey to see which apps you need to install. Here are the Mac apps I use, love, and recommend all the time.


I always recommend that Mac users, particularly Mac Air users, figure out their system for organizing files and folders early on. I use a combination of my hard drive, an external drive, and Dropbox to manage everything I'm working on and storing.

Clean My Mac 3

A basic CleanMyMac 3 scan runs through the following items: system junk, photo junk, mail attachments, iTunes junk,  and trash bins. It cleans up each of these areas creating more space on your hard drive and speeding up your Mac. It also identifies files on your hard drive that are particularly large and/or old, allowing you to make cleaning decisions on these individual items.

Google Play Music

Obviously, your Mac comes installed with Apple's iTunes player. However, the music files are proprietary and, for this reason, I've been transitioning to Google Play the past year or so. I can easily share files in our family and I can load the mP3 files we own onto our son's music player.

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