Movavi Review: The Best Video Editing Software

Posted On 23 May 2019
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Movavi is a picture and video software designed to make the best video content. They've been on the market for over 10 years.

This in-depth Movavi review will leave you well informed on exactly what this product is, how much it costs, the benefits included, and who should use it. With the rise of video media software, companies like Movavi have lots of opportunities to grow their programs and business.

What is Movavi and How Does It Work?

Movavi is both a video and a photo editor software program that you can download on your computer. It’s designed for those who love photography and video. This software provides a variety of different filters and transitions that can be used for making video and photo edits. They have various designs, stickers, transitions, and other additions to the program to make the most out of the project you're working on. Movavi is available on both Mac and Windows operated systems. 

The brand has been perfecting the product and software they've created. They now have over 1 million customers, $ in revenue, and lead in the industry of video and photo editing. You may be surprised to learn that their greatest competitor is also their co-owner.

Top Features of The Movavi Video Editor

A complete Movavi review has to look at all the features incorporated in this product. We know Movavi is a photo and video editor, but what are the exact features included in this software? Let’s take a look at some of the best features and advantages of using this video editor.

Convert Files

The Movavi video editor makes your editing life easier as it’s simple to convert, save and download your finished creations. In total, there are 180 formats you can choose from, such as MP4, AVI and WMV. This huge variety of formats you can save and convert to makes it possible to upload your files to YouTube, social media, the back-end of websites, and even more.

You can also export your finished videos in Full HD or 4K Ultra HD so that they represent the best of your abilities. Movavi also converts your files quickly, rather than taking ages as some other video editors do. But, the most important factor with this video-editing software is that it maintains high-quality images and videos so that you don’t lose the colors and effects once you’ve downloaded them.

You can also download multiple files at the same time and step away from your laptop while it gets to work. This is a handy feature to avoid sitting at your device waiting forever.

Quick and Easy Set-Up

Although a video-editing software might be for a technically-minded individual, we appreciate that the developers of Movavi didn’t make the installation process too long-winded or complex. First, this video editor works on both Mac and PC to cater to an array of consumers and there are no different features for each operating system.

As soon as you’ve started downloading Movavi, it’ll start loading the user-friendly interface. When you’re ready to launch the editor, you’re presented with a new project where you’ll begin the process or continue on a project you’re already working on. There’s no searching around for the project you’re looking for.

You also have the option of implementing your own ideas from scratch or using the preset tools to enhance your videos, via the ‘Quick Video’ option. However you choose to start your project, the Movavi video editor allows you to drag and drop effects at any time in the video you feel is appropriate. The software is highly responsive too, so you won’t have to continually repeat a step to get the desired effect you're looking for.

Apply Filters and Effects

The Movavi video editor brings back the fun and creativity to video editing with many options for filters and effects. For example, you can personalize your videos with music, filters, lighting, color, stickers, and more. There’s even the option to add fun sound effects wherever you feel it’s appropriate - such as laughter and applause.

There’s a wide selection of animations that you can add to your images and further edit to personalize your project. Transitions in videos are extremely important and provide you with an opportunity to express your creativity and lure in the viewer.

Thankfully, Movavi has some incredible transition styles that are easy to access and apply to your footage. Simply drag and drop wherever you wish to add them. Alternatively, there’s a ‘Transition Wizard’ that supports your editing by recommending transitions and adding them where they’d look best. 

Who Should Buy Movavi?

The features of this program make it excellent for anyone interested in making, editing, and creating unique videos and pictures. Some people do this as a hobby while some depend on professional software like this to get their jobs done. This is perfect for those interested in graphic design. Some people enjoy editing photos and videos for their business. Short clips and even long videos can be created with this software.

Movavi is also great for school and work presentations. Any video needs can be easily accomplished by downloading this product, and you can try it for free to begin with. Movavi can be used by both beginners and intermediately skilled consumers. The interface is simple enough for beginners, but the many plug-ins, features, and settings are great for experienced photo and video editors.

Where Can Movavi Be Purchased?

movavi review
Usually, this product will need to be bought online as there aren't many physical stores that carry this exact software. Best Buy or H.H. Greg would be great places to start looking if you'd rather shop in person. Make sure you save your confirmation and receipt numbers just in case downloading becomes a problem. Sometimes software will be tricky to download so you'll have to contact Movavi directly. The best website to find the plug-ins is the Movavi website themselves. Some of these plug-ins aren’t available through other retailers.

Features of Movavi Video Editor Plus

If you’re looking for a video editor with more features and options, the updated version of this software, the Movavi Video Editor Plus, is certainly worth looking into. Here are some of the top features of this video editor and ways it differs from the Movavi video editor.

Animating Objects

There are many animation features with the Plus version, making it a great option if you want to personalize your videos and images or provide a fun factor. As well as more animations to choose from, these are all easy to insert into your projects. Simply add the sticker and select the animation tab. You then click on ‘Add Keyframe’ and move the frame to your chosen location. You can also rotate the animations to any angle you want.

Automatic Video Creation

This particular tool is impressive to use and provides a great level of support if you’re new to the editing game. Movavi Plus provides a wide choice of themes and music, and selecting your desired effect it easy. If you need some additional help with your projects, choose a template that stands out to you and customize the beginning and final screen. Upload your chosen video. That’s it. You’re then ready to convert the project to an appropriate format. The Plus version also has 15 ready-to-use intros and outros that you can choose from. There are also 58 music tracks available for you to choose, plus 86 different stickers to enhance your video production.


Another key feature of Movavi Plus is that you can stabilize the video. This is a feature that the standard Movavi video editor doesn’t offer, and is great if you’re prone to camera-shakes during recording. Perhaps your video skills aren’t the best or you’ve filmed in windy conditions. However, this feature is only for minor shakes and slight movements, so you definitely shouldn’t hold back on your filming skills because you think you can just use the video editor to fix your mistakes.

Panning and Zooming

If you want to truly enhance your videos, pan and zoom are great options to add some new dimensions to your work. Typically, you can achieve this by the zoom feature on your camera, but if you aren’t that experienced, or perhaps forgot to use this feature, the video editor allows you to adjust these settings.

Sound Edits

In comparison to the Movavi video edit, we found that the Plus version offers more sound edits. For example, you can remove any background noise or enhance any vocals in your project. If you’ve filmed in a noisy environment with lots of cars going past or perhaps there are some sections you’d like to decrease/increase the volume of, this sound editor allows you to do so. If you’ve applied music to your videos, the Beat Detection easily spots beats and enhances them. The Beat Detection also makes it easier to maintain the tempo of all your music.

Who are Movavi’s Competitors?

Video media is no different than any other industry. No matter which industry you're in, you're bound to come across competitors. Even though Movavi seems to stand well against their competitors, there are still many brands out there creating video software similar to Movavi. In this brief review, we’ll take a look at some of their top competitors.


movavi review

ECamm is one of Movavi’s biggest competitors. Ecamm is a Mac-program known for providing call recorder for Facetime, iGlasses software, call recording for Skype, phone view, and ECamm Live. Each of these features has a free demo option as well. Phone View is designed to download messages, voicemail, and data from your phone to the computer. ECamm Live is a program which enables users to go on Facebook Live, YouTube, and Periscope. Making quality videos is the goal of this feature.

The iGlasses feature lets consumers change the lighting and color of their webcam photos. It contains a variety of filters and options for making the webcam pictures look better. Each of these features can be individually purchased for anywhere from $ to $$.

Tech Smith

movavi review

This company produces products such as Snagit, Camtasia, and Relay. Snagit is designed for video editing and recording. Camtasia is for drag-and-drop effects on videos. Relay is used for closed captioning and recording lectures. Usually, consumers compare which of these features will work best for them before buying a specific product. Look at the Tech Smith website to get an idea of how to use each feature. They also offer free trials to assist in making your decision. This company has over 14 million users and have partnerships with the American Cancer Society, Sitecompli, and Boise State University.


movavi review

This download is marketed as a screen recorder. Consumers can record while playing video games on their consoles or computers. But, keep in mind this software is only available on Windows. Bandicam also has image-capturing options as well. This product is for hard-core gamers who want to get an inside look of the video games being played. 

As video games increase in popularity, you’ll find more people are becoming YouTube game recorders. This software makes tutorials possible for these gamers. This software costs $ and can be purchased directly from Bandicam. With video recording also comes the opportunity to cut and edit the video being taken.

Screen ​Castify

movavi review

This software can be downloaded to an Internet browser called Google Chrome. It’s actually free to download. It will record video within the web browser, so you can look back at everything your computer has been searching or doing on the Internet. It’s used across the world in 189 countries. Since it can be used on Chrome, both Mac and Windows users can utilize this product.

You can even share the videos which have been recorded. The saved videos will go to your YouTube account or Google Drive directly. They also offer premium options for $. This amount will be billed to the account annually. It features unlimited recording length, unlimited videos, the option to trim videos and no watermark.

Adobe Photoshop

movavi review

This software can be downloaded on a computer, tablet, or cellphone. Adobe is a well-known name in the computer industry. This software will cost $ a month to use. A consumer can create posters, packages, banners, and websites with this software.

You can also use the filters to make your photos come to life. Use the cropping option to cut certain photos to your liking. Creating 3D photos and pictures becomes possible with the Adobe software. This software is designed for both teachers, students, and anyone else who can benefit from these features.

Pinnacle Studio

movavi review

This video editor comes with over 1,500 different filters and effects to optimize your video needs. You can drag and drop, create your own animations, and share movies via DVD or upload them online. Split-screen videos, selective color options, and 3D text all make this program unique.

This company also allows consumers to have free training for beginners. They'll teach you the basics of video creation and editing. Other plug-ins are available for purchase as well. Another awesome feature about this product is the ability to convert VHS recordings to the computer.

Movavi Pricing

movavi review
With Movavi’s other software, Gecata, users can replay and record their video games. These prices are only found on the Movavi website. The usual price range is $ to $$. Movavi pricing is pretty similar to other video programs on the market.


Public Perception

Considering customer reviews and overall satisfaction is important for the Movavi review, consumer reviews help potential customers to truly decide whether or not this product will be worth the money for them. According to Trust Pilot, Movavi has 5/5-star reviews and over 3,000 people have rated these products. When looking through reviews, customers seem to be most happy with the image editing features and video suite.

One thing customers consistently rated 1/5-stars is Movavi's customer service. It's important for people to be aware of this because they may have to do their own research instead of depending on Movavi for questions. People also say this product is very easy to use and download. Kids can use this software as well. Movavi can be used for those who have no prior experience in this industry. Once consumers figure out how the system works, and how to utilize the features, they end up being very happy with the purchase. Overall, it comes with all the features a video editor would need, and it's pretty easy to use.

What We Think of This Video Editor

movavi review

Considering the price, usability, product features, and consumer reviews, we've decided this is a great product to purchase. Other competitors had similar services, but Movavi has been able to capture all of these features into one system. You save money and time by sticking to one product for all of your video editing needs as well as avoid any confusion with learning multiple software. This software will prove to be perfect for those interested in photo and video editing, screen recording, and video game recordings. Movavi will also work on both Mac and Windows, so that's a win-win situation. 

Hopefully, this review gives insight as to why you or someone you may know could be interested in purchasing this software. What are your thoughts on this video editor? Share your feedback in the comments, or any advice you might have for new users if you’re experienced with this software. 

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