Guide On How To Update/Reinstall Microsoft Publisher For Mac

Whenever you run into issues with a program on the computer it’s never fun.

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Often, these problems come at the worst possible moment, and ultimately slow down your work or tasks at hand. This is especially true when the program in question is a major piece of the operation you’re in the middle of. 

Of course, sometimes there are reasons that the program just needs to be updated anyway. Fortunately, most of these issues can be solved with a simple update or reinstallation of the program. Often, the errors come out during an update, and reverting to the older roots or starting over completing can fix the problem.

Today’s program in question is Microsoft Publisher.

If you’re needing to update or reinstall the popular desktop publication software on your Mac, you’ll be happy to know it can be a quick process, provided you’re already running the requirements to use Publisher in the first place. It might sound confusing at first, the steps necessary to running Microsoft Publisher on your Mac, but rest assured they’re easy to follow once known.

Why You’d Want Microsoft Publisher for Mac

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For anyone who’s used Microsoft Publisher before, you know how powerful of a tool it can be. But for those who aren’t sure exactly what the software is used for, trying to run it on your Apple machine maybe doesn’t appeal to you.

Simply put, there aren’t many entry-level publishing programs out there that can match the chops of the official Publisher made by Microsoft. The whole idea behind desktop publishing software is using more than word-processing to edit and develop how information is presented on a printed page of work. This type of editing is often needed in publications, such as newspapers or books, and often goes into conjunction with other designer-based tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word.

The $129.99 program allows you to move and place the text where you want it, create different color schemes to use on pages, and has easy to understand templates for different scenarios, too.

Microsoft Publisher for Mac Doesn’t Exist, But Can Work on Your Mac

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While the official program isn’t provided for the macOS operating system–which all Apple computers use, naturally–there is a way to install a copy of Windows on your Mac computer. This is all done by another program called Boot Camp, which allows you to run the Windows operating system on your Mac. This tool lets you choose which operating system you’ll boot up with when powering on your computer, and is integrated seamlessly. Plus, it’s an official Apple product, so there shouldn’t be any issues with it.

The other option to running Windows-based software, in their full-version releases, is through a virtual machine. Unlike Boot Camp, using a virtual machine will allow you to run macOS and Windows operating systems together at the same time, just with minor performance drawbacks. Two of the most popular applications to utilize this method are called Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion.

Both programs can be used to run Microsoft Publisher for Mac, giving you full control of Publisher when needed. Either is a good choice performance wise, meaning you won’t suffer any setbacks or issues when using Publisher. To get either on your Apple hardware, you’ll have to pay up. Either program requires a payment, with $80 the standard price.

To obtain and run the full version of Microsoft Publisher for Mac, you’ll need to have Windows installed on your hard drive. There are plenty of how-to’s out there, and with the Boot Camp application or a virtual machine setup the process is easy.

There are Alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for Mac

If you find yourself having a bevy of constant problems, rest assured there are programs available that provide the same publishing functionality as Microsoft Publisher, but that are made for the Mac itself. One of the best alternatives is Lucidpress. This software allows you to do standard publishing edits of Microsoft Publisher, all while being completely browser-based.

This means that, instead of more programs to install and stay open when in use, Lucidpress can simply run in your browser of choice. It’s based on the Apple philosophy of intuitive use, meaning the editing is done with natural motions and easy to understand values.

If you’d like an even simpler option, you could opt to use the Pages application that every Mac now comes standard with. Even though it’s primary function is a word-processor, there are tools accessible to transform those text-based documents into flyers or brochures.

The Actual Updating Part of Microsoft Publisher for Mac

So, once you can safely run Windows on your Mac, you’re now ready to reinstall, or update, the Microsoft Publisher program.

The best part about this procedure is that it’s not complicated, and if you’re familiar with a Windows machine then the process will be a breeze. You’ll have to boot up your computer either with Windows running, or through the virtual machine as discussed above. After that, make sure to save any work within the Microsoft Office applications currently running.

Since Microsoft Publisher is part of the Office suite, the whole package will have to be uninstalled on some occasions, so saving your work from the get-go is a solid bet.

If everything is already installed, the simplest way to find the newest version of that program is to open a new document or task within the product. For Publisher, all you’ll have to do is go to the top left file tab, click on it, and then hover to the Account box. Here, you’ll find all your licensing and Windows Account information.

We’re only concerned with the Product Information area, and specifically the Office Updates section, which is found on the middle right-hand side. There are plenty of options to choose for picking the right updating method for you. If you want to update now, just click on the Update Options area and select the first option. This will check the Microsoft servers to see if there are any application updates to be installed for your program.

If there is, the program will automatically start installing all the needed updates, making the process easy. The second option for updating can be found in the Microsoft Store on your computer. Purchasing Office through here allows you to download and install updates directly from the product page, so just search for the program in question, this time being Publisher, and click Get Updates once you’re on the product page.

Reinstalling the Publisher isn’t as Easy

Depending on your Microsoft Office license, you’ll either have access to Publisher or not. If you do, then once you’ve purchased the Office applications you’ll be able to uninstall and reinstall the software from Microsoft’s servers.

This isn’t as straightforward if you have a standalone copy that you purchased of a previous build, such as Publisher 2010. Going back that far, it’s almost impossible for it to run. The only option is having both the original product key associated with the account, and the original device it was installed on. It’s registered to only that device, and chances are it’s not your Mac.

If you’d purchased an Office 2013 package, the Publisher program can be redownloaded within the package once everything has been removed from your computer.

Remember, Microsoft Publisher for Mac Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem

Chart of Microsoft Publisher

Sometimes when two companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, are openly against each other it’s hard to imagine any scenario where they play nice together. In this case, there are options in running certain Microsoft applications on the Apple platform.

Sometimes running the best software for the job at hand is needed, and Publisher is a great option for small publishing tasks.  Unfortunately, while Microsoft Publisher is not an official option yet for Apple hardware, there are steps to using the program on your Mac. You can either use the Boot Camp launcher assistant which Apple provides, or run your own virtual version of Windows through a virtual machine.

Both provide the necessary tools to accessing Publisher on your Mac, which can make your device much more valuable than the standard software creates. Once the program is installed, any issues are just as easily fixed through Microsoft’s own system, and the only thing you stand to lose when troubleshooting problems is time.

Updating the application is easy, and even though there are steps to reinstall any standalone copy of Publisher, the payoff is there. If you are willing to obtain a fresh copy of Windows for your Mac, then the payoff for running Microsoft Publisher, along with many other programs, can be worth it.

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