Should I Upgrade to macOS High Sierra?

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The Details to Know Before You Download and Install Your High Sierra Upgrade

After months in beta, macOS High Sierra released to a wider audience at the end of September. Almost two months later, your MacBook is likely reminding you to upgrade fairly often. Should you upgrade to macOS High Sierra? Probably. Here’s what you need to know to decide,

Most of the Upgrades Are Under the Hood

If you’re running macOS Sierra, you won’t see too much difference once you upgrade. For example, High Sierra ditches Apple’s historic file system and uses a new system creatively known as the Apple File System (APFS). The are also small updates to Notes and support for external virtual reality headsets and graphics-processing units.

If You Use Safari You’ll Notice More Updates

The bulk of macOS High Sierra’s noticeable updates are in Safari. One of the most welcome changes is that Safari will mute any autoplaying videos. As you’re browsing, you’ll no longer be assaulted by a blaring advertisement or YouTube show. In the update, Safari will also limit websites’ abilities to track your browsing history. This will limit the amount of data that advertisers can gather on you. A small change, but any advances in privacy are certainly welcome!

Apple Photos Gets a New Look and Feel in macOS High Sierra Upgrade

If you upload, organize, and view photos in Apple Photos, you’ll love the redesigned space. Apple is giving the application a new layout with a power boosted sorting tool. Further, the app will have increased facial recognition power and access to more editing tools (such as curves!). High Sierra makes an already great tool for iPhone and MacBook users even better.

Many Small Changes Take the OS Forward

As we said upfront, High Sierra isn’t a huge change if you’re already running Sierra. However, in addition to the upgrades we just mentioned there are a number of other nice-to-have small changes. Apple cleaned up some bugs, improved Apple Mail, and optimized Siri on your MacBook. This macOS High Sierra upgrade is not a must-do for many users, but it will make your overall daily experiences smoother and nicer.

Upgrade your macOS by opening the App Store on your MacBook and navigating to Updates. You should have a free upgrade prominently advertised in that tab. Learn more and upgrade on the macOS High Sierra upgrade site.

If you’re hoping a macOS High Sierra upgrade will make your MacBook faster, check out our additional resources for a faster Mac.

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