MacBook Pro Running Slow? Consider a new MacBook Pro battery

macbook pro running slow

A New Battery Can Fix Your MacBook Pro Running Slow

Is you MacBook Pro dragging on you? Our cornerstone post, Macbook Pro Running Slow? Here’s How To Fix Your Mac Now!, walks you through the best ways to resolve your slow going issues.

  1. Make sure you’re running the latest macOS and have the most recent updates
  2. Check your Disk Space and clean your mac
  3. Use Activity Monitor
  4. Consider hardware upgrades
  5. Reset the System Management Controller
  6.  PRAM Reset

If you still experience dragging after those steps, however, you should consider fixing or replacing your MacBook Pro battery.

First, ensure your charger works appropriately

When our computer doesn't hold a long charge we, of course, assume the battery in our MacBook Pro is beyond its lifespan. However, it might actually be your charger at fault. Take the following steps to ensure a properly working charger:

  • Confirm the LED on the charger lights up when attached to the computer
  • Confirm the LED doesn't flash or blink during charging
  • Inspect the white cord and make sure the rubber has not stripped away from the wiring
  • Clean the connector by blowing into it and freeing it of debris
  • Clean the charging port on your computer by blowing into it and freeing it of debris
  • Test the charger in multiple outlets

If you have concerns about your charger, grab a new charger via Amazon. It's a quick, cheap fix to many MacBook Pro running slow issues.

Take steps to maximize battery life

Apple recommends several key ways to keep your MacBook Pro speedy and charged.

  • Update your macOS
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Check your energy, wifi, and brightness settings

Replace your battery at an authorized Apple service provider

macbook pro running slow
A new MacBook Pro battery will run you between $129 and $199 based on your model. If you need a replacement in the first year or you have an extended warranty, it may be free! While not cheap, the experience of running on a fast, well charged, machine makes it worth every penny.

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