MacBook Pro Overheating? Try a Cooling Pad

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MacBook Pro overheating

If you find your MacBook Pro Overheating consider these well-rated cooling pads (after you’ve investigated for any other issues)

If you’ve got an MacBook Pro overheating you need to first try our Top 5 Tips for an Overheating Mac which include the following:

  1. Clean up your laptop
  2. Upgrade to the latest macOS
  3. Check your battery health
  4. Run Apple diagnostics
  5. Review your activity monitor


Once you’ve done this you may find that your computer still gets hot. This happens to individuals who engage in gaming for long stretches or who edit and play large video files, or similar taxing activities. If it’s happening to you, there are several well-rated cooling pads that can help.

Cooling pads do something to help keep your laptop temperature down. What they do, though, varies by product. Some may absorb the heat and cool the computer down with patented technology (such as a gel) and others may actively push air toward your device to cool it down.

overheating macbook pro
Lapsave Laptop Cooling Pad for Macbook

This product is the simplest option for solving your MacBook Pro overheating problems. It will protect your lap/table from the heat of your computer and it will use its patented filling, which it calls “Heatshift technology” to cool your device. This type of pad requires no batteries or cords and you don’t need to cool it down in the refrigerator. This is one of the better rated brands and the 16 inch pad costs about $35. You can get similar pads for around $15, but their reviews are less stellar.

overheating macbook pro
Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

The Tree New Bee pushes air toward a laptop to more actively cool down the overheating MacBook. This particularly product has four fans and a heat-drawing metal base. You can adjust the fan speeds. The stand requires power via a USB cord, but it provides extra USB ports to offset the loss. You can nab the Tree New Bee for about $18 (and it’s one of the best rated and best selling on Amazon) and other brands offer similar pricing.

overheating macbook pro
Opolar LC06 Laptop Fan

If you don’t want a stand or pad underneath your laptop, consider adding a small side fan to push air your way. The Opolar mounts in two ways to the side of your computer and allows you to manage its 13 (!!) speeds and specific air temperature from a LED display. The Opolar doesn’t require charging or cords and advertises a 5,000 lifespan.

Not sure where to start?

As we mentioned before, the very first thing to do when you’re you find your MacBook Pro overheating is to clean up your house (so to speak). We recommend Clean My Mac 3 for effortless computer organization. Check out our reviews of the product:


Or if you have a PC …

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    Opolar LC06 Laptop Fan product page you link to specifically says that the fan is not recommended for Macbooks and similar laptops because of their thinness

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