MacBook Computer Insurance: What You Need to Know

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Macbook Computer Insurance

Where and How to Get Covered

If you own a Mac, it’s likely one of the most expensive individual items in your home.How ill you replace it should something happen? What if someone steals your Mac? Or what if you drop it? What if your Mac hard drive crashes and you can’t recover it?

Let’s walk through various options for MacBook computer insurance:

Apple Warranty

First, know that your built-in Apple Warranty only apples for one (1) year from the date of purchase and limits coverage to the hardware. The Apple Warranty gives you confidence that all of the physical pieces are properly made, installed, and running. It does not cover accidents, software, technical support, etc. Apple does provide technical support for 90 days after you buy, though (just to be nice).


If you want more guidance, support, and coverage from Apple you’ll need AppleCare. The cost and terms vary by product. AppleCare costs $249 for a 13″ MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. AppleCare guarantees you three (3) years of warranty and technical support. Additionally, AppleCare holders can repair their laptop at any store or provider in the world. Plus, AppleCare holders receive priority support and direct access to 24/7 phone and chat support. AppleCare gives you a buffer when technical and hardware issues arise.


If you purchase via Amazon, consider one of their Amazon laptop protection plans, offered via Assurion. This won’t be ideal if you need Mac-specific software support, but the plan covers your laptop from spills, drops, debris, etc. It also repairs mechanical issues like overheating, power surges, and more. The Amazon plan guarantees a five (5) day turnaround service.

Renters or Homeowners Insurance

Your laptop may already be covered in the event of accidents or theft through your renters or homeowners insurance. A couple of things to think about: what’s your deductible? Does your insurance provide for the actual or replacement cost? Are there caveats in your protection? Talk to your insurance agent! It’s what they’re there for and most companies have easy chat support. Figure out how you might already be covered so you know if there are any coverage gaps to prepare for.

Computer-Specific Insurance

If you have an expensive laptop and it’s critical to your daily work or life, you may want computer-specific insurance. Something like valuable items coverage from Travelers Insurance could be a fit for you.

What are you thinking? Do you have coverage already? Any recommendations?

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