Mac Running Slow? You Need This to Speed it Back Up.

mac running slow

Save space on your HDD with CleanMyMac 2!

A Round-up of Reviews and Tips that WILL Speed Up Your Mac

Is your 5+ year old Mac running slow? Are you hoping to get more life out of it because the budget does not have room for a new computer? I’ve been there. And by that I mean, I’m there. I’m running my business off of a 5 year old computer. I love my current Mac and I am not ready to divert resources into a new computer. Every once in awhile, though, I think: why is this Mac running slow? When that happens I take a deep breath and plunge into my archive of resources for a speeding up Mac computers. If you’re in the same boat, follow me.

1. Clean up your system

If you want a speedy Mac computer, you need to remove the junk. We always recommend CleanMyMac 3 for this task. It’s simple, straight-forward, and affordable.

A basic CleanMyMac 3 scan runs through the following items: system junk, photo junk, mail attachments, iTunes junk, and trash bins. It cleans up each of these areas creating more space on your hard drive and speeding up your Mac. It also identifies files on your hard drive that are particularly large and/or old, allowing you to make cleaning decisions on these individual items.

My first scan with CleanMyMac3 cleared up over 10 GB of space. It also identified nearly 12 GB of large and old files for me to review. And at its conclusion, it succinctly reported its actions, without asking me to investigate complex technical issues like my PC software had done back in the day.

The first scan and review process took about 5-10 minutes and it ran in the background while I worked.

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2. Upgrade to the latest operating system

Is your Mac running slow? Overheating? Just not performing up to par? One of our top recommendations for computer problems is to make sure you have a clean installation of the most recent operating system.

The gist of the Sierra upgrade is that your operating system will be sleeker, easier to use, and more feature-packed. You won’t find anything revolutionary, but you may find that it makes your day-to-day tasks more enjoyable.

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3. Remove duplicate files or add storage to your setup

If you’re a photographer, web developer, writer (or any number of tech or creative individuals who work extensively on the computer), you likely have a vast file system. We recommend searching your files thoroughly and removing duplicate files. You may have the same image in several places, for example. Or you may have client materials you need to keep records of, but never open.

Speed up your Mac by removing these duplicate files (we recommend Gemini 2 to help you find them). Learn about your computer’s storage capacity and purchase external storage as needed (particularly if you have files saved purely for record keeping purposes).

See our reviews on Gemini 2 and our how-tos on understanding storage:

4. Try a Cooling Pad

Cooling pads do something to help keep your laptop temperature down. What they do, though, varies by product. Some may absorb the heat and cool the computer down with patented technology (such as a gel) and others may actively push air toward your device to cool it down.

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