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What’s the difference between Mac RAM and storage? (And understand how to speed up your Mac.)

Is your Mac running slow? And have you heard you need to free up your Mac RAM and/or storage? And are you wondering what those things are? You’re in luck.


RAM (Random Access Memory) or computer memory does the work for you while you’re actively using programs or apps. While you are working with Photoshop, for example, you need sufficient computer RAM to run the program. For the sake of keeping things simple, think of RAM as short-term, active memory.


Storage (hard drive disk), on the other hand, is long-term parking for your work product. When you finish with your Photoshop file, to continue the example, you need somewhere to save it for later. You need adequate storage on your hard drive to save files. Mac computers come with built-in hard drive storage, but you can also use external hard drive disks for additional storage.

How to clean and free up RAM and storage

Our top recommendations for cleaning up your Mac and helping it to run faster include,

  • Remove junk files and folders from your storage
  • Uninstall programs and applications correctly
  • Empty your trash

You can accomplish all of these tasks individually, or you can use an automatic program that cleans and maintains for you. We recommend checking out Clean My Mac 3.

We’ve raved about Clean My Mac 3 in the past and you should see our reviews if you have questions:

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  1. On the above you recommended few tips to clean and free up RAM and it will help to run our system faster. I want to say thanks for providing such informative article.

  2. RAM is nothing but an important memory unit that is very useful to run the computer and it also saves the data after the system goes off. This is a very necessary part of the computer because if it does not work properly a computer cannot work.

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