iOS 10 Lock Screen Hacks

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ios 10 lock screen

Apple Removed the Slide-to-Unlock Feature in iOS 10

When I downloaded iOS 10 last week the first thing I noticed was that the slide-to-unlock feature no longer worked. This caused me to completely freeze for nearly a minute — I stared at my phone and repeated the task wondering if I’d completed it incorrectly the first time. Nope, it’s gone. I wish Apple had not removed this behavior because it’s such an ingrained habit.

If the new iOS 10 lock screen is driving you nuts, here are a few hacks to be aware of:

Use the Touch ID Sensor to Unlock Your iPhone

ios 10 lock screen
If you have an iPhone 6 or newer phone you can set up your iPhone to unlock when you rest your finger on the home button.

Settlings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > Rest Finger to Open

This removes the need for you to press the home button to unlock and instead your device becomes responsive to your finger’s presence.

Disallow Today View Dashboard

Once you activate Touch ID you can turn off the widgets and Today View that currently appear when you swipe left. Once you have Rest Finger to Open set to On, follow this path:

Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Allow Access When Locked

Here you can turn off the Today View, along with other items. Now when you swipe left, nothing happens. It doesn’t return you to the iOS 9 experience, but it may prevent the confusion many users now experience when their former gesture results in a different outcome.

Turn off Raise to Wake

If you have an iPhone 6s or newer, the new iOS 10 triggers the lock screen when you pick up the phone. This can be annoying for those of us who fiddle with our phones. Turn off this feature:

Settings> Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake

Hope those tips help you adjust to the new iOS 10! Still thinking about upgrading to the new iPhone 7? See our answer to the question: Should I Upgrade to the new iPhone 7?

What are you loving or not loving iOS 10? 

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