Finding The Best Liquid Screen Protector – Reviews And Comparisons

If you own a smartphone, it's also a smart idea to protect it with a screen protector. There are all kinds of different screen protectors, and some of the best ones of all are the liquid screen protectors.

Not all screen protectors are exactly the same though; all of them has different features that set them apart from each other. We decided we would comb me Internet and find the top 10 best liquid screen protectors and review them.





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best liquid screen protector

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Do I Really Need a Screen Protector For My Phone?

Many of us would be lost without our beloved devices. We protect them like a prized possession as if they’re a part of the family. But, do you really need a screen protector on your smartphone?

The unanimous decision is that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. First, let’s talk about the flaws of these creations. Many screen protectors can alter the experience of using your smartphone as the touch screen becomes less responsive and you become more agitated with using the device. Some users even reported that a protector alters how their phone looks and reduces any high-quality images and lightens any bold colors. Also, you have to carefully appear the product to not have any bubbles or bumps or it can look unprofessional and be impractical to use.

But once you find the best liquid screen protector for your needs and budget, it’s definitely worth the purchase. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply with patience, and we promise that you won’t regret this decision. The main benefit is that if your phone is going to get scratched, the cover will take the impact rather than your original screen; replacing a protector is much cheaper and less hassle than buying an entirely new screen.

Many materials can damage our device’s screen when they come into contact, which can create a scratch to a crack. If you drop your smartphone on its screen, there’s a fear that it’ll be broken and cracked when you pick it back up. Phones aren’t cheap to replace and companies aren’t quick to help find a quick replacement, so you’ll be stuck with a cracked screen for months, even years. Screen protectors also reduce fingerprints by boasting an anti-fingerprint coating to reduce any oil transfer from your fingers to the screen.

What Are Liquid Screen Protectors and What Do They Do?

As the name suggests, liquid screen protectors are made of liquid glass and designed to protect your smartphone’s screen during use. Most of these products are made from Silicone Dioxide and when this solution dries, it creates an anti-bacterial property with a protective coating. These protectors then comfortably sit on your phone’s screen for a few months up to two years. Your smartphone has a liquid coating, but with regular use, this liquid wears down to leave you more prone to scratches, marks, and cracks. As liquid screen protectors are around 100   thick, they generally don’t add any thickness to your phone to increase its size.

What Are The Benefits of Liquid Screen Protectors?

Scratch Resistance

There are so many reasons why you should purchase a screen protector because if your device’s screen breaks or cracks, replacing or fixing it isn’t a cheap task. First, these protectors add scratch resistance to your chosen device because they add another supportive layer on top of your current screen. Any new scratches that do form are on top of the new glass where the original device’s screen is protected and will be scratch-free.


You might be concerned that adding another layer of liquid glass to your device might ruin its appearance, but thankfully, liquid screen protectors are practically invisible. You can barely recognize that they’re existent unless you tell someone or they’re poorly applied. As they’re 100 percent light permeable, they don’t affect your screen resolution, brightness or colors so you can continue using your device as before.

It might take a delicate touch to apply your liquid screen protector, but it’ll create a smooth, bubble-free finish. They’re straightforward to apply but you want to be conscious that you’re not creating any bumps in the texture.

Lightweight and Responsive

There’s nothing more annoying than attempting to use your device but the screen isn’t responding to your actions. Although a screen protector is another layer on top of your screen, it won’t affect the responsiveness on your phone. In fact, as this material is highly sensitive, it can recognize every tap and touch, thanks to its sleek material.

Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Liquid Screen Protector

When you are in the market to choose a liquid screen protector for your cell phone or tablet, you will need to be aware of a few things before you make a purchase.

·       You will want to know the details about the type of device you have and if it is compatible with the liquid screen protector in question. You will also want to know if it is suitable for use with a case in the event that you have one for your device.

·       You will also want to know about how effective your liquid screen protector is against scratches, and you also want to select a product based on performance characteristics.

·       Some liquid screen protectors are made of materials that are self-healing or absorb shock and impact more readily than others. You will want to know the conditions that your liquid screen protector will endure and purchase a model that is suitable for your needs.

·       Certain liquid screen protectors are made for heavy-duty use, and others are made for more common everyday purposes. You also need to understand the differences in prices and what to expect from the performance. Some liquid screen protectors last longer than others, and you will need to know the cost of replacement and figure it into your budget.

When you have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a liquid screen protector and what to expect, make an educated decision, and go ahead and purchase the best one for your needs. Make sure to have adequate warranty protection in case anything happens to your screen protector or cell phone.

Liquid Screen Protectors vs Tempered Glass

If you’re passionate about caring for your device, you might have also come across tempered glass. This type of protector is sturdier than plastic options, making it a popular choice for smartphones and tablets. But what’s the difference between these two products?

Tempered Glass Benefits

Intense Strength

Tempered glass is used in vehicle windows and for shower doors which gives you an idea of the amount of strength that’s behind this material. It’s extremely protective and strong, making it a great solution to anyone who’s prone to constantly dropping their device on the floor. Also, tempered glass is four times stronger than normal glass. It’s extremely robust and capable of protecting your device against any scratches or general wear and tear.

Excellent Viewing Experience

You can use tempered glass on your phone and comfortably still see your screen as clear as before. In fact, this material might even improve your viewing experience. It offers excellent clarity and can get right to the edges of your phone so there are no sections on your screen missed.

Difference Between Tempered Glass and Liquid Screen Protectors

With excellent advantages to tempered glass, why would you choose a liquid screen protector over tempered glass? As tempered glass is a solid material you put over your screen rather than a liquid coating, this makes the material more susceptible to damage and scratches. The glass is thicker than liquid so if you drop your device screen-up, there’s a larger chance of the entire casing breaking compared to using a liquid screen protector.

Tempered glass is less safe than liquid screen protectors because if the casing does break, it’ll completely shatter upon impact and create scatters of glass in the area. Although your original device’s screen should be unscathed, this can be a danger to anyone around.

Criteria Used to Rate Liquid Screen Protectors

In order to give you an accurate, unbiased review, we collected information from a variety of sources all over the internet. We used real-world testimonials and reviews from consumers who actually used these products and found out what they had to say about them. We also examined product specification sheets, manufacturer websites, and the information they provide, and poked around the Internet to find out how people felt about the manufacturers. We wanted to find out about the reputation of the manufacturers amongst consumers and those in the industry itself.

After gathering as much information as we possibly could, we evaluated and analyzed all of the facts and came up with a short review, and we reach rated each of the products on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. We also listed the features of the products as well as provided links to where you can purchase them.

Many people who own smartphones have a case for them, but no smartphone is complete without a liquid screen protector to go with it. Let's take a look at the top 10 liquid screen protectors that you can purchase to protect your smartphone investment and keep your smartphone free of cosmetic damages.

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Liquid Phone Protectors

Some of these liquid screen protectors are actually liquid solutions that you will put on a glass cover, and others are made of film or other materials that are applied with liquids. The liquid screen protectors that we have featured of all been reviewed extensively and used in real-world situations so that you can trust them to be proven solutions. Here are the top 10 best liquid screen protectors.

Liquid glass is used on a regular glass screen protector and will strengthen it on a molecular level to an unbreakable, shatterproof consistency. This product was featured on Shark Tank, and people seem to love it everywhere. You can get this product at the CellHelmet website exclusively. The customer service is on par and acceptable. This revolutionary product is the very best liquid screen protector available.


  • Known to strengthen glass on a molecular level
  • Suitable for use with all phones or tablets
  • Works with all cell phone cases
  • Made in the USA


[amazon link=”B072B8MLF3″ title=”Galaxy S8 Screen Protector” /]

[amazon box=”B072B8MLF3″]

Consumers who reviewed this product seemed exceptionally pleased with its performance. It is deal for an S8 phone, but there were some issues as far as application, and it was recommended you use tweezers to remove from the backing. There were no negative reviews to be found, and overall people seem pleased with this product. Customer service was said to respond favorably to requests. Overall, it’s an excellent screen protector for most users.


  • Includes proprietary screen protractor with installation tray, spray solution, lint-free cloth, squeegee, and instructions
  • Easy bubble-free installation leaves film perfectly contoured to any phone
  • Self-healing design
  • Non-yellowing
  • Optically transparent
  • Classified as a “smart film”
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime replacement warranty


[amazon link=”B019Y4IPU4″ title=”Nanofixit Liquid Screen Protector” /]

[amazon box=”B019Y4IPU4″]

Nanofixit is one of the most award-winning liquid screen protectors on the market today and one of the top liquid screen protectors available anywhere. Consumer reviews would indicate that people are overwhelmingly satisfied with the performance characteristics of this product. There were no negative reviews that could be found and the customer service had no negative issues that were reported. 


  • Certified 9H hardness from the Department of Science and Technology
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Redirects over 90% of harmful cell phone radiation from your head
  • Ultra scratch-resistant; resists most normal wear and tear
  • Safe to use and environmentally-friendly
  • Creates clarity of light in cell phone surface
  • Certified 100% bubble free
  • Comes with water-repellent coating


[amazon link=”B074SCLR2S” title=”Zagg Invisible Shield” /]

[amazon box=”B074SCLR2S”]

Invisible Shield is an exceptional liquid screen protector over all. This liquid screen protector is pretty popular and in use by many different people. There have been a large number of positive reviews for this product and a small percentage of negative reviews overall. Zagg Invisible Shield is one of the premier liquid screen protectors in the marketplace today, and it's been shown to be effective in many real-world situations. The customer service is exemplary.


  • Designed to protect in extreme environments
  • Impact protection is exceptionally powerful
  • Very effective scratch protection
  • Prevents oils and buildup on screens


[amazon link=”B07BH2BFLD” title=”Galaxy S8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector” /]

[amazon box=”B07BH2BFLD”]

Customers seemed pleased by this product, although there were some people who had complaints. Overall, the performance of this product was acceptable. People made remarks about how it was easy to install and how they would reorder in the future. There didn't seem to be any problem with customer service that was reported. This model is one of the less expensive screen protectors available.


  • Includes full coverage screen protectors design for maximum protection including the curved edge of a Galaxy S8
  • Exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant
  • Shatterproof
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible only with Galaxy S8 but not with the Galaxy S8 plus model
  • Compatible with phone cases


[amazon link=”B06Y999MWZ” title=”Galaxy S8 Screen Protector, Invisible Defender ” /]

[amazon box=”B06Y999MWZ”]

Consumers seemed pleased by this screen protector in almost all cases, although some did not like the "saran wrap"-like feel, it was reported. Many of the consumers reported that it was perfect and worked like a charm, was easy to install, and ultimately satisfactory. Customer service reports show that there were no negative comments or feedback. This model seemed to be one of the better screen protectors for your money.


  • Innovative technology adheres to curved edges for true full coverage
  • Optical enhanced urethane film offers crystal clear protection
  • Multiple layer protection is designed with structured layers to enhance sensitivity
  • Eliminates the phenomenon of lifting and fits all case


[amazon link=”B074JFQLPZ” title=”Qmadix Liquid Screen Protector” /]

[amazon box=”B074JFQLPZ”]

Most of the consumers who reviewed this product were satisfied and had positive things to say about it. There were some complaints by some individuals, but it was uncertain if there was merit to their claims. The customer service didn't seem to have any issues or problems that were reported. However, some did have issues with warranties if not supplied directly by the manufacturer. This product appeared to be a good solution for liquid screen protection.


  • Water-repellent
  • Reduces 99% of bacteria
  • Scratch resistant
  • Will provide 9H hardness to your screen
  • Works universally on all phones


[amazon link=”B071H7BMFY” title=”Skinomi TechSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Galaxy S8 Clear HD Anti-Bubble Film” /]

[amazon box=”B071H7BMFY”]

This liquid screen protector is suitable for many different users. The majority of consumers to review this product or satisfied, although some complained that it didn't fit all cases. Consumers went as far as to say that it was the best screen protector they ever purchased. Other people claimed that it worked great, and was amazing. However, for some people, there were some issues with curved screens. The customer service didn't seem to be an issue. 


  • Precise laser-cutting technology optimizes maximum screen coverage
  • Flexible materials offer total coverage on curved devices
  • Self-healing materials
  • Military-grade thermoplastic urethane designed to maximize impact resistance
  • Virtually invisible and optically transparent
  • "True-Touch" feel and appearance
  • Easy installation is error-proof and bubble proof


[amazon link=”B07CBVNPXW” title=”OMYFILM Plus Screen Protector” /]

[amazon box=”B07KWWG98C”]

Many of the consumers who use this product were seemingly satisfied with it. However, there were several complaints and bad reviews. For the most part, the negative reviews can be chalked up to personal preferences, and those who did enjoy it had positive glowing remarks to make about it. The customer service had no reported issues. This liquid screen protector was reported to be better than the thicker varieties.


  • Case-friendly design usable for most cases
  • Self-healing technology adapts to many different types of scratches
  • Easily applied without bubbling
  • TPU material is soft and stretchable and fully contours to device
  • 99% transparency provides crystal clear viewing


[amazon link=”B075R7YN5Q” title=”Extsud 2 Nano Liquid Invisible Screen Protector” /]

[amazon box=”B075R7YN5Q”]

Consumers reviewed this product with unanimous positive remarks. Consumers said that it was amazing and was a clear and lightweight liquid screen. It was said to clean easily and be easy to install. The customer service had no reported issues that we could find. Overall, a good liquid screen protector for the price.


  • Adapts flexibly to the surface shape of glass
  • Designed for a long lifetime of use
  • Forms an invisible armored glass free of bubbles
  • Fits all smartphones
  • Waterproof design


The Winning Liquid Screen Protector

If we had to choose the best liquid screen protector from our options above, we’d declare Skinomi Techskin the winner for many reasons. First, we’re impressed with its incredibly reasonable price. When you purchase a protective coating for your device, you don’t want it to cost a lot of money, and we’re happy that this product fits the bill. It’s simple and quick to apply - even for people who aren’t confident with fiddly elements. 

When you first apply the solution, it doesn’t immediately stick to your screen, which allows you to have some time to make any adjustments so the overall finish is polished. We also love that you can use this screen protector on top of tempered glass should you prefer to have twice the protection.

From the above options we’ve shared with you, have any products caught your eye? Share your thoughts or any other recommendations in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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