LG G4 Review: A Powerful Smartphone with Quad-HD Display And 16 MP Camera

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LG recently announced their newest flagship smartphone, the LG G4. The company plans to position itself with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. The phone greatly improves on the LG G3 in order to offer a competitive smartphone experience


Lg is bucking design conventions for the G4 by including a stitched leather back. This is a refreshing change of pace from the usual metal, plastic, or glass builds of most modern smartphones.

The leather backing comes in three color variants: Black, Blue and Brown. The handset feels a little slimmer than its predecessor and sits comfortably in the hand. At 76mm x 149mm, the handset is slightly wider than the G3 but this doesn’t affect the ergonomics of the device.


The G4 sports the same 5.5” inch screen that was in the G3, but the screen is greatly improved. The Quad-HD LCD display packs 534 pixels per inch with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. LG claims that the display is 25% brighter and has a 20% wider color range than its previous QHD displays due to an IPS Quantum Display.

The improvement in display is quite evident when you place G4 next to its rivals. The color accuracy and sharpness of the display is stunning. The contrast has improved by 50% from its predecessor G3. The display renders better blue tones offering visuals that are closer to real life. Colors are vibrant, texts are crisp: G4 is a true winner with its improvised quad-HD display.


The G4 packs a powerful six-core Snapdragon 808 processor from Qualcomm. The processor is optimized for the G4’s needs in order to create a smooth experience. LG G4 runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop and has LG’s latest user interface, UX 4.0.

The Snapdragon 808 processor is optimized to work well with LG’s improved camera. This means that the phone operates with few visual hiccups or stutters. The performance of the G4 is incredibly smooth. There are no delays while launching apps and multi-tasking is effortless.

The phone packs 3G RAM which helps run the device without any visual delays. The phone features 32GB of internal storage which is expandable with a microSD card. Google is also offering 100GB of Google Drive space for two years for every LG G4 owner.


The G4’s 16MP camera is a marked improvement over the G3’s 13MP sensor.  The phone also has an 8MP front camera for the selfie lovers with gesture-triggered timers. The camera features Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), laser-assisted focus, and a larger color spectrum sensor to render detailed images with high color accuracy and natural tones.

The camera software allows for manual control of focus and shutter speed in “Manual mode”. You can adjust the white balance, ISO levels, and more. This requires a deeper understanding of photography, but budding photographers will appreciate the feature. Initial tests show that LG did a great job improving the camera over its previous handset. The camera’s true potential will be seen in the coming weeks.


So, how much do you have to pay to own this flagship smartphone with ultra-crisp display and exemplary camera? The phone’s pricing is expected to be consistent with the G3‘s launch price. You can expect the phone to be priced around $600 off contract, or $200 with a 2 year contract agreement. The phone is expected to launch in late May or early June in the western world. The phone released in Korean markets on April 29th.

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