iOS Apps for Spring Cleaning

Find and Use Your Fringe Hours

With what seems like lightening speed, we’re officially into the second quarter of 2016. As spring blooms around us and we climb toward the peak of the year, it’s worth thinking about ways to clean up your work habits. How can you maximize your time in 2016? With this in mind, we reviewed some new and noteworthy iOS apps. These apps increase your productivity, give you back hours of your day, or make use of your fringe hours.

Here are a few apps and tools we think will make your life easier and brighten your spring:

Daily Burn

Daily Burn App ios apps

If you’re like me, squeezing in a visit to the gym can be trying during your busiest times of the year. And when you do get to the gym, you find it’s packed and your go-to machines have a wait!  Saying adios to the gym and embracing my on-the-go lifestyle was the smartest financial decision. Plus, I find I’m more productive when I can squeeze in workouts in ways that work best for me. You can download Daily Burn on your iPhone or log-on via your computer (or even use the Roku on your TV!) and break a sweat any time of day or night. At $13/month it’s kind to your wallet and there’s a free 1-month trial period.


Instacart ios apps

It’s the chores of daily life that seem to suck away the most time. I dread going to the grocery store. Between parking hassles and crowded aisles I’d rather not make the trip. Instacart lets you choose a local grocery store and the products within it. Your order arrives at your door, for a small fee, in about an hour. Hallelujah! Now my attention is back on more pressing issues …

Simple Online Banking

Simple Online Banking ios apps

My friends raved about Simple, but I was reluctant to join because I thought switching banks would be a hassle. Um, no. True to its name, Simple gets rid of the fuss and excessive paperwork you find at brick and mortar banks. Once I decided to join, I had an account set up and my old bank connected within 15-20 minutes. I was easily able to transfer my funds in and then set budgeting goals. Now, I manage my money straight from my smartphone or computer. Plus, I don’t have to mail in checks — I just take a picture and they deposit within the hour.

Clean My Mac 3

How many times have you had 20 tabs open in your browser and a dozen programs and felt like your computer was just not keeping up? Cleaning up your hard drive saves critical processing space and Clean My Mac does just that. This program scans for files and items you don’t need to be storing like caches, passwords, keychains, etc. It will also help you get rid of unused programs the right way — so you don’t have leftover clutter. At $39.95 for a single license, it’s well worth the saved time!


Headspace ios apps

One of the best ways you can get some space this spring is to get some clarity of mind. I’m a huge fan of the new Headspace meditation app. You can sign up for free and explore around a bit and then select a subscription plan, starting at about $8/month if you love what you see.

What else is on your spring cleaning app list? Tell us! We’d love to add it to our future shout-outs.

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