How to Remove Malware from Your Mac


If you believe you have infected software or apps (Malware) on your Mac, it's time to take charge and remove those suckers at once! You can do so in one of two ways:

First, Manually Remove All Malware From Your Mac

If you know which software program or app is causing the problem, then you can give it the boot from your machine. Completely close the app and then get it off of your hard drive.

To make sure the program is completely closed,

Now go back to your Applications folder and drag and drop the app into the Trash. Empty your Trash.

The problem with manually removing programs is that this malicious apps like to hide trails of their program throughout your hard drive. A thorough Mac cleaning software does a better job of finding those hidden breadcrumbs.

2.Use a Cleaning Program to Remove Malware

I’m always paranoid that I will mess up my uninstall or leave behind related files. For this reason I use a Mac cleaning program. These programs obviously clean your Mac, but they also have an uninstall feature. Many Mac cleaning programs will do the dirty work of uninstalling a program you select. This ensures you uninstalled an app correctly and that no related files remain on your hard drive.

I personally use Clean My Mac 3 for this task. To remove a program you can simply open Clean My Mac 3, select a list of Applications, and select the one you want removed. Click uninstall and the cleaning program will let you know when the job is done. Voilà!

Hint: you can download Clean My Mac 3 and uninstall programs for free as part of their trial program! So, get it, uninstall your pesky problem apps, and if you don’t love the cleaning program you can get rid of it.

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  1. The tips provided in the post about removing the malware has really helped me in removing the dangerous viruses from the device. The information and guidelines have really helped me a lot.

  2. I have used the tips provided here to remove the malware from the mac and it has worked very well. It has really helped me it keeping my system secured from the virus attack.

  3. These are a reason to slow down the mac performance sometimes. adware, pop-ups, and malware are able to infect apple macOS. this is so important to keep your device clean to save your data from malware or hacking.

  4. Yes, I am a Mac user. It is the best article I follow this instruction to remove malware. It is very helpful for me Thanks for sharing this.

  5. It is providing the actual way by applying that users are capable to remove all the malware from Mac based system. Users may get trouble regarding such cases. It will truly helpful to them.

  6. I am also a MAC user, and I am using McAfee antivirus, to protect my MAC book for the external viruses like malware, some of the models have enabled with the firewall to protect it against malware, but that is only applicable for the initial stage safety.

  7. Recently my mac was also affected by a malware but I can’t remove it on my own. I was thinking to take the help of some customer support. But your post helps me and saves my money.

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