How to Clear Your Cache in Google Chrome


How and Why to Clear Cache in Google Chrome

When you are browsing websites, the websites use cookies to make your web browsing faster by saving your website and browsing data. Additionally, your browser cache stores parts of pages, like images and feature stories, in its memory to help the website load more quickly on subsequent visits.

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You may want to clear your cache from time to time, though. For example, if you want to ensure that you are seeing the most updated version of a website, it's smart to clear your cache.

To clear your cache in Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome
  • At the far right of your URL bar you'll see three vertical dots stacked on top of each other; click this button
  • Two-thirds through the menu you'll see More Tools >
  • However over More Tools and navigate over to Clear Browsing Data
  • This takes you to a specific menu where you can select your options and confirm your choices

After you clear your cache:

  • You will need to re-enter passwords to some sites where you were auto-signed in
  • Some content heavy sites will take longer to load the first time you visit them


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