How to Free up Storage Space on your iPhone

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Do you want to upgrade your iPhone to i0S 8 but don’t have the required space? Phone storage fills up quickly no matter how much you have on the device to begin with. The age of digital content means that everyone is in a tug of war with their device’s internal storage.

This quick guide will help keep your iPhone from from filling up too quickly.

Check Your Storage Consumption

You have to figure up what’s taking up space on your phone before you can go to work. You can check the storage consumption of each app by navigating to Settings -> General -> Usage. Under the storage section, you can see the list of apps installed on your iPhone along with the amount of storage being used. Take note of apps that you rarely use that are occupying a lot of memory.

The apps are listed from the smallest storage impact to the largest impact. Scroll down to identify apps that you don’t need. Tap on the listing to render a detailed view of the app and delete it if you’d like. You can also find information on the amount of the app’s data that is cached in the “Documents and Data” usage section.

Backup Your Photos

Photos take up a lot of storage space. You can use iCloud to backup photos and delete the phone’s copies. Once your photos are on iCloud you can easily find what you need on any of your Apple devices connected to the internet.

You could also use iPhoto to transfer pictures from your iPhone to your Mac. You can take advantage of the larger hard drive on your computer and delete the pictures on your phone, thus freeing up plenty of storage space.

Reduce Audio Impact

We tend to accumulate tons of songs on our iPhones but hardly ever listen to them. You can selectively delete songs from your phone by swiping right on a song in your Music app. However, manually managing your music is painstaking!

Consider using cloud storage for your music. Apple provides several options to store your music remotely. You could try iTunes on cloud, iTunes Radio, and iTunes Match. Streaming services are another great way to keep music off your phone, but you have to be aware of data charges and try to stay on WiFi. Services such as Spotify and Pandora are great streaming music options that can free up storage space on your phone.

You can also force iTunes to help you save storage space on your phone. iTunes is capable of storing songs at a lower quality level, also called a lower bitrate. You can enable this option by navigating to the Options sections of your Summary tab. You will find an option called “Convert higher bit rate songs to AAC” and then you can choose a lower bitrate.

Podcasts are great but they can really build up on your device and sap your storage. You can reduce their impact by visiting the settings section of your Podcast app. Under “Limit Episodes”, you can choose to store only the most recent episodes on your device. You can also choose to delete older episodes automatically.

Clear Safari Cache

Clearing the cache on Safari will reclaim space on your phone. You can clear the cache by navigating to Settings -> Safari and tap on “Clear Cookies and Data” to remove the entire cache. You can selectively remove the cache of certain websites by selecting the sites from Advanced -> Website Data.

While you clear your cache you can also delete your offline reading list cache. Go to Settings -> General -> Usage-> Safari and tap on the Edit button to clear the offline reading list cache. You can reclaim a significant amount of memory by clearing these files.

Follow these tips and you should be able to install iOS 8 even on older devices.


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