Quick Fix for Your MacBook Pro Overheating

macbook pro overheating

Quick, Simple Fixes When You Have A MacBook Pro Overheating

We know a lot about speeding up your MacBook. It’s what we do. Basically, it’s all we do. And we can get wordy. If you want to read A LOT of words about speeding up your MacBook, here are our favorites:

But, if you just want us to get to the point, here’s what you should do to fix a Macbook Pro overheating:

Download CleanMyMac 3

For a one-time, low cost you have a program that takes care of your Mac for its lifetime. It’s stupidly simple to use and run. You don’t have to be a computer genius. And then you have peace of mind and you won’t have a Macbook Pro overheating all the time.

You can download CleanMyMac 3 for free and use it on a trial basis before you buy it.

Use a Cooling Pad

If you’re frequently pulling down a ton of CPU at once (playing video games or editing film, for example), use a cooling fan. You can Google precise temperatures and how to monitor your machine. Or, you can just get a cooling pad or fan off of Amazon for $20 and feel better about it.

Add RAM to Your MacBook Pro

RAM (Random Access Memory) or computer memory does the work for you while you’re actively using programs or apps. While you are working with Photoshop, for example, you need sufficient computer RAM to run the program. For the sake of keeping things simple, think of RAM as short-term, active memory. If you have a MacBook Pro overheating, it’s likely you need more RAM. We have recommendations for the best MacBook Pro RAM.

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