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A stylus pen can be a very useful tool for all types of computer and tablet users. Many people may only use a stylus to access their favorite apps or make it easier to sign their name to online documents. But there are many other uses for stylus pens that make them essential tools for artists, web designers, graphic designers, students and various types of business professionals.

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A fine point stylus can be even more useful to those who need a more precise tool or one that will work similar to a regular ink pen. There are several great fine point stylus pens on the market for you to choose from, some that are basic and others that include a variety of features.

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What Applications Require the Use of a Fine Point Stylus?

Woman holding fine point stylus

A stylus is basically a tool that you use instead of your finger to touch, click, or swipe on your phone, tablet, or other touchscreen device. There are different types of stylus pens that can help with various tasks. A fine point stylus is often used by those who take notes on their tablet in class, people who love to doodle or draw, graphic designers and anyone who needs to sign their name electronically several times a day. A fine point stylus is different from a standard pen stylus because it features a fine tip that is similar to a real ink pen. This makes it easier to control the flow of what you are writing or drawing which is why it is the preferred choice for artists.

Although they are popular among digital art professionals, you don’t have to have a major in art to appreciate using a fine point stylus. They are a good alternative to the larger stylus pens, especially if you attempt to draw or write with one that has a larger, bulkier tip.

How to Choose a Fine Point Stylus

When purchasing a fine point stylus, or any type of stylus pen for that matter, it’s important to understand the difference between the two different types and their uses. If you are looking for a stylus to use with your smartphone, tablet or touchscreen computer, a Passive Stylus will get the job done. These stylus pens work similar to your finger and can be very useful, but they aren’t the best options for precision drawing. For writing, drawing and graphic design, an Active Stylus is your best option.

All You Need to Know About a Passive Stylus

Passive Stylus Pens are available in various forms and are designed to work with any type of touch screen application. Three of the main types of passive stylus pens include the rubber tipped stylus which is the most popular, rubber tipped stylus with a replaceable tip, and transparent disc stylus tools.

Rubber tipped stylus pens are the most affordable option, and in most cases you will get what you paid for. The tips will often wear down easily and lose its conductive properties so that they no longer work. The soft and flexible tips can also make the stylus less accurate. But if you only need a stylus for occasional use, you can find these practically everywhere for under $10. The replaceable tip rubber stylus pens will usually have better quality tips, but they will still wear down. The good thing is that once they wear out, you can still use the stylus by replacing the tip. These may cost slightly more than the non-replaceable tip versions, but they are more reliable as well.

The transparent disc stylus has a design that is more accurate than the rubber tipped stylus. The tool features a disc that sits at the end of a pen-sized tip. However, it is transparent, so the user only sees the tip of the stylus during use. This creates the illusion that you are using a fine point tip on your smartphone or tablet screen, which can make it easier to write your name clearly or draw straight lines. The discs do wear out as well, but they are also replaceable. If you are buying a passive stylus, this is the best type to purchase in terms of quality.

What is an Active Stylus?

An active stylus pen is another word for a fine point stylus. They are often used with various smart electronics to provide the user with a pen-like experience. This type of stylus was first used with Bluetooth technology to achieve the precise drawing, however,there are several active stylus options that you can use with or without Bluetooth.

Bluetooth can help app developers build support for specific stylus tools into their drawing or graphic design apps. This enables features including press sensitivity and palm rejection. When an application can tell the difference between your palm and the tip of the stylus, it can make the creative process go much smoother. The only downside is that with a fine point stylus, it can only be used with certain applications. So, you may still need to buy a passive stylus if you want one to use with your phone or tablet.

There is also an electronic fine point stylus that you do not have to pair with Bluetooth to use it. You simply turn it on and it is ready to use for taking notes or drawing. Most of these stylus pens will also work with some tablets now such as the iPad Air 2.

The Best Fine Point Stylus for Artists

Two types of pen

Since there are so many different types of fine point styli on the market, we have broken up the lists to feature 5 of the best for artists and 5 for general writing and taking notes.

Apple Pencil
  • Apple Pencil features the precision, responsiveness, and natural fluidity of a traditional writing instrument and the...
  • With Apple Pencil, you can turn iPad into your notepad, canvas, or just about anything else you can imagine.
  • Compatible with iPad (6th, 7th, and 8th generation), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad mini (5th generation), iPad Pro...

The Apple Pencil has made it possible to use fine point stylus pens on iPads. It was released in 2015 and has helped set the standard for this type of stylus. This pencil works with 9.7”, 10.5”, and 12.9” iPad Pro and the 6th Generation iPad. Reviewers have mentioned that it is one of the fastest and most reliable stylus pens out there. It is capable of creating fine lineskcv in various gradients just by increasing the pressure. The side tip on the pencil can even create wider strokes if needed. The Apple Pencil retails for $.

Adobe Ink & Slide Creative Cloud Connected Precision Stylus for iPad
  • The hydro-formed, aluminum shell feels great in the hand and lets you create comfortably.
  • Incredibly precise Pixel point tip gives you accurate, pressure-sensitive lines and strokes.
  • Creative Cloud connected so you can easily access files and create more efficiently.

The Adobe Ink & Slide  is the ideal tool for artists and graphics designers. If you are already familiar with Adobe apps such as Photoshop and Creative Cloud, this stylus will further enhance your skills. It will connect with any iPad 4 or later device, the iPad Air, or the iPad Mini with Bluetooth LE. And since it is synced to the Creative Cloud, all your creations will be stored so that you can access from any compatible device at any time.

The active stylus has a fine tip, pressure sensitive point, and feels just like a regular ink pen when you hold it. It uses PixelPoint technology for more accurate lines and the status LED on the stylus allows you to see what color you have chosen so that you make fewer mistakes. The Adobe Ink & Slide retails for $.

FiftyThree Digital Stylus Pencil for iPad, iPad Pro, and iPhone -...
  • Connects to iPads 3+, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPhone 4s and above.
  • Connects to Paper by FiftyThree, Microsoft OneNote, Procreate, Sketchbook Mobile, Note shelf, and others.
  • Surface Pressure: Pencil's unique tip is shaped to create lines of all sizes without any settings.

The FiftyThree Pencil Digital Stylus for iPad is one of the best all-around artistic tools for digital artists. It works along with the brand’s app Paper to create sketches, fine line drawings and even watercolor paintings with ease. It even has a marker function that will help you create dynamic bold lines. The Pencil design feels solid and comfortable while you hold it. It is shaped like a carpenter’s pencil and comes in a real walnut wood exterior. It has a built-in eraser on the end and a smudge feature that can create blurred effects with your drawings. Along with being compatible with the Paper app, it also works with other popular drawing and paint apps such as Noteshelf and Procreate. The FiftyThree Pencil Digital Stylus for iPad retails for $.

Capacitive 4-in-1 Stylus Pen with Replaceable Brush, Fiber Tip,...
  • 🎁 THE ONLY STYLUS YOU NEED: In this innovative capacitive stylus we have included all our favorite functions, into...
  • 🎁 ALL DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS ARE REPLACEABLE AND CONVERTIBLE: We include some extra tips. You get 2 disc tips, 2 fiber...
  • 🎁 PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP: New, multiple functions added, all with the same focus of the highest quality. This product...

The Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus Combo gives you the best of both worlds with a real paintbrush tip and built-in stylus tip. The brush tip is surprisingly similar to a real paintbrush, which is great for creating digital watercolor prints. But it doesn’t work well for creating fine lines. But the included rubber stylus tip makes it possible to draw more precise lines and detail. This is a good combo for the price, but it doesn’t have the same pressure-sensitive effect as other fine point styli. The Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus set retails for $.

Cosmonaut - Wide-Grip Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screen Tablets (iPad...
  • Compatible with all capacitive touch screens (eg. iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire).
  • Works in any app.
  • Great for doodling, sketching, and writing.

The Cosmonaut has a bulky appearance which actually makes it easier to use if you are a market artist or will use it on white board applications. The stylus won’t give your thin and precise lines, but it can provide you with a solid line that is essential for some graphic artists. The pen is easy to hold and will feel similar to the large crayons designed for preschoolers to use. IT works with both Android and iOS applications and it should also work on any type of touchscreen. The Studio Neat Cosmonaut retails for $.

The Best Fine Point Stylus for Taking Notes

woman holding phone and ballpen

Here are the best fine point stylus pens for general writing, signatures, and taking notes.

Adonit Dash 3 (Black) - Capacitive Fine Point Stylus Pencil for for...
  • 【Fine point】Dash 3 stylus pen improved PixelPoint tip creates a paper-like drag that's more precise and responsive...
  • 【Click on】By clicking button once, the LED blue light will be on, and to turn off press the button again. Open any...
  • 【Carrying clip】Clip and carry Dash's thin,light, balanced, aluminum body with confidence. 【Universal...

The Adonit Switch can be used as both a fine point stylus and an actual ink pen. The precision stylus features a disk at the end that allows for more precise marks on your tablet or other touchscreen devices. It feels just like using a real pen and may be easily mistaken for one. It can be used to draw or writing notes and can add more function to your tablet. The Adonit Switch retails for $.

Musemee Notier V2 (Red) - The World's Most Precision Stylus for Ipad,...

The Musemee Notier V2 is an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive fine point stylus pens on the market. It features a fine disc tip which is durable and replaceable. The V2 has a strong ergonomic design that makes it a joy to use. It is compatible with so many applications for both Android and iOS devices. The Musemee Notier V2 retails between $ and $.

Livescribe 3 smartpen Black Edition (APX-00020)
  • Connects to your iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) to sync everything you write or draw to the...
  • The quickest, simplest way to bring valuable information from paper onto your tablet and smartphone, where it becomes...
  • Uses your smartphone or tablet's microphone to record audio that's synchronized to everything you write on paper and...

The Smarson Bluetooth Digitizers Smart Pen doesn’t require any special paper or a specific device for use. You can use it with both Android and iOS devices to take notes, draw, and create. This stylus is capable of digitally capturing your handwritten notes and store them digitally for you to refer back to later. It also uses Bluetooth Technology to detect smart pen writing and transmit it to any Bluetooth compatible device. The Smarson Bluetooth Digital Smart Pen retails for around $.

Zspeed Stylus Pen for Apple iPad, Active Stylus Rechargeable Fine Tip...
  • 【Rechargeable & Stand-Alone】Built in lithium battery provides 10-12 hours of active use and recharges by Micro USB...
  • 【Compatibility】Works with most capacitive touch screen, like Apple iPhones, iPads,iPad Pros,All Samsung Tablets and...
  • 【Precise/ Sensitivity】It has a 1.45mm super fine tip gives you the accuracy you need and provides superior control...

The Slim Pro Fine Point Stylus features an adjustable tip for sensibility. It is compatible with the iPad 4 or lower, as well as the iPad Pro 9.7/12.9. This stylus may also be used with iPhones and Samsung smartphone devices. It is easy to use and there is no software to install or pairing required. There is a USB charger and rechargeable battery included which provide up to 7 hours of continuous use.  The Slim Pro Fine Point Stylus retails for $.

Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus for Apple, Android, Kindle, Samsung,...
  • Creates a fine line: To write and draw with ballpoint precision.
  • Works smoothly: Dampening tip cushions screen contact for fluid, quiet writing.
  • Clips on to carry: For simple portability in a sleek profile.

The Adonit Jot Pro offers one of the best fine stylus tips for precise drawing and note taking. It is liked by many users for its extra fine tip, but, unfortunately, it only works with iOS devices which limits who can use it. The Adonit Jot Pro has a very fine point that many users love because it makes taking notes much easier. It looks and feels similar to a real ballpoint pen and features a small plastic disc on the tip to protect the screen from damage. The Adonit Jot Pro retails for $.

What Will You Create with a Fine Point Stylus?

A fine point stylus can be a great tool for graphic designers and professional artists. But it can also be a fun item that allows you to be more creative in your spare time. There are dozens of applications out there that can maximize the use of your active stylus pen. So, whether you want to use a fine point stylus for taking notes in class or creating digital art masterpieces, you can find a good use for one of these innovative tools.

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