Clean Your Mac to Sell: Find and Delete Duplicate Files

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Save space on your HDD with CleanMyMac 2!
find and delete duplicate files

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Free Up Disk Space and Move Forward With Confidence

Ready to upgrade to a new Mac? Awesome. There are some great options out there right now. First things first, let’s clean your current Mac so you can sell it or give it away.

Prepare Your Mac Files for Transfer: Find and Delete Duplicate Files

You need to back up and transfer your current files, but you don’t need to bring junk files with you. I recommend trying out Clean My Mac 3 to get rid of unnecessary files hiding throughout your hard drive and free up disk space. You can also use its sister product, Gemini, to delete duplicate files on your Mac. These programs have a number of other great features if you’re thinking about selling your Mac in the future, but just need to speed up your Mac for now.

Create a Backup of Your Mac

Move your files safely to a backup location. You can go with Apple’s iCloud and/or Time Machine. I personally prefer to use an external hard drive. Western Digital hard drives are the industry standard and I’ve had a great experience with mine.

Remove Your Computer from Your Apple and iTunes Profiles

You can log in to Apple Support to disconnect your Mac from your Apple profile. Similarly, you can disconnect your Mac from iTunes by going to the iTunes store and choosing “Deauthorize this Computer” underneath the Store menu item.

Erase Your Hard Drive

Open Disk Utility. In the right-hand column you will see your hard drive, mine is labeled Macintosh HD. Click on this hard drive. Now, you should see three tabs in the upper middle section: First Aid, Erase, and Restore. Click Erase. Select Security Options for higher levels of erasure. Finally, select Erase from the bottom of the screen.

Note: there’s no coming back from this hard drive erase. Proceed with caution!

Reinstall OSX

Make sure you have access to wifi and connect your Mac. Restart your Mac in recovery mode by holding down the Command + R keys at startup. Mac will open with OSX Utility options and you should select Reinstall OSX.

Now you’re ready to sell!

Interested in first seeing if you can speed up your Mac and get it to run more efficiently? Start out with a free trial of Clean My Mac 3

Let us know how it goes!

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