Where to Find 4k Content?

4K video is the new kid in town. Despite absolutely blowing away the current mainstay in video format, the full HD resolution video, with pixel density that is four times as dense and spectacular, 4K videos are not something that you can download or stream from most of the popular video streaming sites. That is probably because 4K videos take up a lot of storage space and when we say a lot, we mean a LOT.

A full length feature film can run in excess of 100 GB when you want the film to be in native 4K quality. The same movie will probably max out at about 1 GB for DVD quality and about 8 GB with Blu-Ray quality. The humongous storage and bandwidth requirements (for streaming) are probably reasons why 4K videos are hard to find, still.

However, if you do look hard enough, you will find 4K content available for download and streaming.

Where to find 4K content?

Netflix’s 4K video streams

You can enjoy high-quality 4K video on your ultra HD television with a Netflix account. Netflix provides ultra HD 4K streaming of popular TV series.  Right now, Netflix provides a small set of 4K content which includes House of Cards, the Emmy award winning show and Breaking Bad. Apart from this, several films of noted filmmaker and photographer Louie Schwarztberg are also available.

Netflix is expected to add more 4K videos to its catalogue. Netflix’s original production is working on creating more 4K videos for the next generation consumers of ultra HD televisions.

Get yourself a Netflix account and an internet connection of at least 20Mbps bandwidth and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of 4K video.

UltraFlix Platform

NanoTech had announced that their UltraFlix service will stream 4K video content to a pretty wide selection of devices; the Nuvola NP-1, select Android devices, the new line of Vizio P-Series telelvisions as well as Sony’s wide range of 4K or UHD televisions.

UltraFlix is expected to stream over 200 titles in 4K by early next year. They have even promised to deliver 100 hours of free 4K content. They have 4K content in a wide variety of genres including comedy, concerts, TV shows and movies.

Sony’s Original 4K Content

Sony is a leader in manufacturing 4K ultra HD televisions and the company has also invested in creating a repository for 4K video content for consumers of Sony 4K television.  Sony has also launched 4K ultra HD Media player priced at $700 as a device that complements Sony’s ultra HD TV.

The media player can download 4K content to hard drive and playback 4K content for you. Sony’s Video Unlimited online service provides a rich set of 4K content. You can either rent or purchase 4K content through this service.  Most of the movies made by Sony Pictures are available in 4K.

“The Amazing Spider Man” and shows like “Breaking Bad” are available on Sony’s online service. Around 80 films are available in 4K content currently and more is expected to be added soon. The cost of rental is approximately $8 per video and you can purchase the video for $30 from Sony’s online service.

If you were trying to figure our where you could find Sony 4k videos, this is definitely the place.

Other Streaming Services

There are other streaming services such as Amazon, M-Go, and Comcast’s Xfinity that provide 4K video. Amazon has announced that it would be streaming 4K video content soon and is forming partnerships with big giants like Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and Discovery to deliver 4K content to consumers. It is planning to deliver 4K content through Amazon’s Prime Instant video service.

As you can tell from above, 4K is still available only very sporadically. But, the positive is that it is the next big paradigm shift that is waiting to hit the online video industry. When that happens, the sources that will make 4K videos available for download and streaming will explode, giving you fantastic choices when it comes to selecting breathtaking 4K videos.

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