Double the Apple Watch’s Battery with the Reserve Strap

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The first generation of any device usually doesn’t hit everything out of the park. The Apple Watch is no different, as some users report the battery life to last less than a full day’s worth of use. Enter the Reserve Strap, a device that’ll more than double your Apple Watch’s battery life.

The Reserve Strap

The product is simple– it’s a third party Apple Watch strap that doubles as an extended battery for the device. This effectively helps to remove any wasted space on the Apple Watch as every component holds additional battery.

The company claims that the product will add “more than 30 hours of battery life” to the Apple Watch. This puts the total battery life of the device well within a reasonable range for most people.

Reserve Strap conforms to all of Apple’s guidelines on third party apps– which is important because this means that using the strap won’t violate your Apple Care agreement.

The only real drawback in usage is the inability to use the Apple Watch’s magnetic charging standard. You’ll have to charge via micro-usb if you want to charge the band and your watch at the same time.

Price and configurations

Try not to get sticker shock here: The Reserve Strap is $249.99m for both the 38mm and 42mm varieties. You can buy the device in white, grey, or black.

Any orders won’t ship until November 3rd of this year. This will be a great accessory for anyone looking to get longer days of use out of their Apple Watch.


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