Does Your Mac Have Malware?


How to know if your Mac is suffering from a Malware Attack

Maybe things on your Mac "feel funny" lately? And you're wondering if you are the victim of a malware attack? But, how can you know if malware is on your Mac?

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Malware apps are tricky—they try to pose as other things so that you'll trust them and allow them to perform on your machine. Malware sometimes presents itself as antivirus software, games, of video players. themselves as antiviruses, extractors or video players. Here are some ways you can know if malware infested your machine:

  • Your Mac just started running super slow or you're frequently seeing the spinning rainbow wheel
  • The websites you once visited easily now have pop-up ads in places they shouldn't be appearing.
  • You Mac keeps trying to reboot or update itself and you can't figure out why.
  • Your browser keeps installing new programs or updates.
  • You keep seeing a notification that you need to fix your "infected Mac" computer.

If you think you do have a Malware, read on to find out how to fix Malware problems.

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