The Best Disk Cloning Software: 5 Products and Reviews

Losing a hard disk can be devastating. The ensuing chaos after a crash will affect your productivity, peace of mind, and pretty much everything that you do online. It is therefore imperative that you have very a good disk-to-disk cloning or backup solutions, so your hard disk is always cloned, to go to your backup in a jiffy if the need ever arises.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best disk to disk cloning solutions in the form of software. Now, all you need to do is purchase an external hard disk or an internal hard disk and go to work on backing it up and cloning it.

Please note that all cloning solutions briefly discussed will allow you to image-clone a disk. In other words, you can essentially clone your hard disk in such a way that your backup disk will act as a bootable hard disk. In case you did not know, simply copying the entire contents of your hard disk onto a backup disk will not allow the backup disk to be used as a bootable disk. This is why you need these solutions if you need to back up your hard disk in a bootable format.

The Benefits of Disk Cloning Software

Cloning software is ideal for home users who like to have an organized setup for their devices. Specifically, you can sync all computers together so that all applications and settings are the same and always ready and waiting for you. This means that each computer can save different data but you can access all Word documents (for example) from each device so that you can use these programs no matter what computer you use.

Another great benefit to disk cloning software is that you can smoothly transfer all your essential files and programs from one computer to another when you’re upgrading your device. Consequently, you won’t lose any important data as this will all remain on the cloned disk.

The Best Disk Cloning Software

1. Acronis Trueimage

Backup Capabilities

Acronis TureImage provides a wide range of disk and file backup options along with cloud storage features. It can provide image backups of whole disks, partitions, and even specific files and folders. This software offers more features than most of its competitors.

If you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your device, Acronis Trueimage can offer you that, but it isn’t one of the simplest and cheapest cloning software

best disk cloning software
on the market.

When you’re setting up this backup software, you first should decide if you want to back up the entire hard drive or just a handful of files. If you’re looking for the latter, then you can select the relevant boxes for you to then be presented everything on the interface.

From this stage, you’ll then choose an external drive for drive cloning. We love that there’s an archive tab that can analyze your files and folders and send appropriate ones to a cloud storage. You can set this feature to automatically run in the background or manually do it yourself. Accessing these archive files is easy through the file Explorer.


The home screen renders three options to the user for backing up the disk, recovering data and backing up to Acronis Cloud. You can also do file-and-folder backup by picking the files in the “Backup and Recovery” tab.

This is one of the best disk cloning software because it’s user-friendly and presents itself in an attractive design. You should consider that there’s a lot of elements to this disk cloning software, which means that there are small scroll bars throughout the interface. If you’ve used backup programs before, this shouldn’t be a problem, although those not as experienced might have difficulties getting up to speed.

2. Norton Ghost

Backup Capabilities

Norton Ghost also provides a full system backup that allows you to clone everything you have on your hard drive. You can also choose a partition from your disk for backup. The software also has a provision for backing up files based on the file types. For example, if you would like to create a copy of your music.

Norton Ghost also provides remote management features that allow you to control your Ghost installations on local area network remotely. This is a useful feature for enterprise networks. The software comes with advanced compression technology that automatically compresses your files during backup. You can store more files in less space. Norton Ghost is a great buy to meet your everyday data backup needs.

It supports universal restore feature. You can move the contents from one PC to another irrespective of the platform and model. It provides a seamless restoration of data. Cloud storage feature is one of the biggest advantages of Acronis TrueImage. You can choose your own storage plan from 250GB to 1TB, one that meets your storage requirements.

We love that you can schedule backups – a feature that wasn’t present in Ghost’s previous version. Choose from a weekly or monthly backup and select the exact day and time you’d prefer this to happen.

Norton Ghost best disk cloning software


Norton Ghost’s interface is easy to navigate and isn’t as complicated to understand as Acronis Trueimage; this isn’t to say that it has better performance, but that it’s well suited for beginners.

Each feature is described in detail so you’re never left in the dark about how to navigate around this software. For example, some information is simplified to ‘copy drive files to another drive’ so you don’t risk making any mistakes.

However, one factor to consider is that the Drive Backup Wizard doesn’t make any suggestions of the three backup systems to use. Specifically, you’re not given any information about how long it takes to compress a file, so you have to search for this information yourself.

3. ShadowProtect Desktop

Backup Capabilities

ShadowProtect 5 from StorageCraft is a focused backup and disaster recovery software with excellent disk backup features. It is fast, reliable, and an effective recovery solution for Windows desktops and laptops.

The backup program can capture applications, configuration settings, and services from your desktop.  The backup jobs are encrypted for better 

Shadow Protect best disk cloning software

security. You can also schedule backup jobs periodically. It provides remote management feature to control backup jobs from an agent system.

The image conversion tool creates archives by consolidating files into a single new backup. You have the option to convert backup images into virtual disks. You can restore your backed up data to any hardware or virtual environment.

If you’d like to restore a backup from a computer, the Hardware Independent Restore is the best option for this. This process takes the hardware drivers from a backup system when you use another computer. If you’re using a Windows computer, this will install the hardware system without you having to do anything.


ShadowProtect provides a comprehensive list of features. It is well-suited for business environments where there is a large volume of data, and data protection is critical. For enterprise data backup solutions, ShadowProtect is the perfect software. There are many different packages for you to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences.

When you run Shadow Protect, it will search through all the files and folders on your device so you can specify which you’d like to backup. At this point, you can then find a suitable destination to backup your files such as a network or USB drive. One disadvantage of ShadowProtect is that it isn’t equipped with cloud storage.

This is one of the best disk cloning software with a simple interface you can operate without complications. As a result, it’s a great solution for anyone with little technical knowledge. Once the software is fully installed, it’ll present six tabs and a toolbar. To begin your backup, head to the Wizards tap and choose from backup, restore, or explore.

4. Redo Backup and Recovery

Backup Capabilities

It is one of the simplest backup and recovery software. It provides several features and is less complex than most backup programs. You can download this program for free. It allows bare-metal restore protecting your data against hardware failure.

redo best disk cloning software

Redo Backup and recovery can restore data from Windows and Linux systems. The backup program can be run from CD-ROM drive. You will be able to restore your system even when you are unable to boot into the operating system.

It provides access to the internet as well that helps you download drivers. This is one of the best disk backup programs available for free in the market.


Redo Backup and Recovery is equipped with multiple easy-to-follow guides that assist you through a backup or restoration system. Its interface is clutter-free and not confusing to operate, making it one of the best disk cloning software for beginners.

5. Macrium Reflect Free

Backup Capabilities

Macrium Reflect provides complete disk management solutions for backing up important data. A free edition is available that provides the essential disk backup features. For advanced enterprise users, three different editions: Standard, Pro, and Server are available.

The free edition provides disk imaging, cloning, and scheduled backup features. Macrium software provides an intuitive user interface that is simple to follow. Live imaging of your drive is possible with Macrium. You don’t have to shut down windows to create a disk image.

It is easy to restore individual files and folders by creating a virtual drive in your system. It is possible to optimize your back up speed by opting for incremental or differential backups. Direct disk cloning without creating disk images is a promising feature.

You can try the free version of the disk backup software and then pay a premium to get more features based on your requirement.

If you’re searching for a cloning software to copy your images or system, this is a great option for you. It won’t let you down, and it’s an ideal first step to avoid any confusion.


You might notice that this cloning software

macrium best disk cloning software

is less modern than the other programs we’ve mentioned above. But, with fewer options and features, this means less confusing and clutter on the interface.

The free version does have some supportive features, but if you want to backup files and folders, you’ll need to pay to access this feature. Bear in mind that you need to drag individual files into a folder if you want to back these up, as this disk cloning software can only clone folders.

Don’t let this discourage you from using the software because it’s safe and password-protected throughout. Plus, you receive e-mail notifications for each update, meaning you don’t have to watch over the entire process.

The Best Cloning Software

Now that you know about these very effective and easy-to-use disk cloning and backup solutions, it is up to you to put them to use, to always keep your precious hard drive backed up.

If we could only share one software with you from the above options, it’d be the Acronis Trueimage. This software offers the same features as cloud-syncing services such as Dropbox, but it makes copying personal files possible and less costly.

You can back up to five computers, though the 250GB storage capacity remains the same no matter the additional price you pay. It’s also worth noting that you can back up mobile devices with the Acronis cloud plan.

It is a very common misconception that only corporate setups need disk backup solutions. If your computer is dear to you, backing up and cloning your hard disk should be just as important to you personally as well! What are your thoughts on the selections we’ve shared? Or perhaps you have some other recommendations? If so, share your feedback in the comments.

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