When Your Mac is Running Slow Download CleanMyMac 3

How to Speed Up Your Mac When Your Mac is Running Slow

I switched from a PC to a Mac about six years ago now. You know how they say, “Once you go Mac you never go back.” Yep. That’s true for me. One of the most attractive aspects of the switch was that I didn’t feel as if I had to constantly run maintenance programs on my Mac. On my PC I felt as if I was constantly running and monitoring my virus sweep and cleaning software. And those programs often identified a complex issue that I had to investigate.

My Mac runs seamlessly. Perhaps because of this I’ve let my maintenance routine become a little (or a lot) relaxed. My current laptop is almost four years old and it’s just starting to show signs for heavy use. I noticed recently my Mac is overheating at times or giving me the spinning rainbow wheel more often.

Enter CleanMyMac 3.

Download and Install CleanMyMac 3

As I noted in my post on spring cleaning, I’m attempting to get rid of clutter this time of year and it felt like the right time for a program that scans and safely cleans up Mac clutter. Downloading and installing the program was remarkably quick and simple.

I’d say it took five minutes, if that, from clicking Free Download to having the program ready to scan.

I installed it easily in my Applications folder and it didn’t come with a lot of weight or extra files (which is encouraging since its purpose is to get rid of those extras!).

Run CleanMyMac3

mac is running slow

A basic CleanMyMac 3 scan runs through the following items: system junk, photo junk, mail attachments, iTunes junk,  and trash bins. It cleans up each of these areas creating more space on your hard drive and speeding up your Mac. It also identifies files on your hard drive that are particularly large and/or old, allowing you to make cleaning decisions on these individual items.

My first scan with CleanMyMac3 cleared up over 10 GB of space. It also identified nearly 12 GB of large and old files for me to review. And at its conclusion, it succinctly reported its actions, without asking me to investigate complex technical issues like my PC software had done back in the day.

The whole scan and review process took about 5-10 minutes and it ran in the background while I worked. What a difference from my PC days!

Uninstall Applications with Confidence

mac is running slow

After my positive experience with the initial scan, I employed the uninstaller on CleanMyMac 3.

When I want to get rid of a program or application from my Mac, I find that some applications are straight-forward to remove, while others have multiple files and it’s not clear how to proceed. CleanMyMac 3 identifies the programs on your computer and lets you uninstall the application of your choosing in one click. Done and done.

CleanMyMac 3: One of the Best Utility Apps for Mac

After installing and running CleanMyMac 3 I’m wondering why it took me so long to get into a Mac maintenance routine. The program is easily one of the best utility apps for mac and well worth the $39.95 for a license.

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