Back to School: CleanMyMac 3 Review and Deal

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Save space on your HDD with CleanMyMac 2!

It’s no secret around here that I love MacPaw products. First, as I detailed in my CleanMyMac 3  review — the product helps a ton when my Mac is running slow. I also love the extra features of CleanMyMac 3, including the program schedule. Additionally, I found Gemini 2 to be incredibly helpful as I identified and removed outdated and duplicated files.

I was thrilled to hear that MacPaw is running a Back to School sale! You can now grab both CleanMyMac 3 and Gemini 2 at a discount.

A quick review on why I love CleanMyMac 3:

  • It removes junk and unnecessary weight from you computer. It took five minutes from clicking Free Download to having the program ready to scan.
  • CleanMyMac 3 helps you uninstall programs the safe way.
  • You can run CleanMyMac 3 in the background. I can quickly click on the CleanMyMac 3 icon straight in the menu bar to get an overview. The overview tells me how much RAM I have and how much space is available on my hard drive. It also gives me an update on my battery health and if my trash bin is full.
  • CleanMyMac 3 allows you to set up a schedule and alert system. CleanMyMac 3 allows me to set a schedule for the program to launch and scan without any intervention from me.

A quick review on why I love Gemini 2:

  • The program does a quick scan of all of your files. Gemini 2 will review the folder structure and then begin a scan — searching for files that are either identical or very similar.
  • Gemini 2 gives you the option for smart removal of files or a more custom evaluation. I always chose to Review Results, in order to get a better idea of how the program worked and to ensure my files truly were duplicates.
  • It identifies duplicate files across drives.

Check out my previous reviews for CleanMyMac 3 and Gemini 2 and take advantage of this Back to School sale!

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