How to Check Mac Activity Monitor and Speed Up Your Mac

check mac activity monitor

Check Mac Activity Monitor and Improve Your Machine's Performance at Startup

Use Activity Monitor

This free tool from Mac allows you to see which programs pull the most processing power from your machine. Activity Monitor will live among your Mac apps.

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macbook air running slow

To review activity,

  • Open Activity Monitor
  • Select View > All Processes
  • Click  “% CPU” to sort by the percentage of CPU capability used by each program

This information helps identify programs that may cause your MacBook Air running slow.

macbook air running slow
Programs that pull high percentages of CPU should not run on startup.

To check which programs run at startup,

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Users & Groups
  • Login Items

Remove anything you don’t absolutely need by clicking the check box next to the item and then then minus (-) sign.

Check for Duplicate Files

Another sure fire way to improve your Mac's performance is to check for and remove duplicate files. We recommend Gemini 2 for this task. You can download it and use it for free for awhile so it's a win-win.

After downloading the product, you are directed to a simple screen prompting you to select a folder for Gemini 2’s review. You may drag and drop or click and select any folder on your hard drive, or any folder currently running via external hard drive or cloud drive. Once you select a folder, Gemini 2 will review the folder structure and then begin a scan — searching for files that are either identical or very similar.

5.1 Scan Completed

All of my scans complete quickly, in about 30 to 90 seconds. Gemini 2 then lets me know it automatically identified duplicate files or folders. I then am able to select Smart Cleanup or Review Results. I always chose to Review Results, in order to get a better idea of how the program worked and to ensure my files truly were duplicates.

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