The Best CCleaner Alternative Software Downloads

CCleaner is computer optimization software that helps keep your PC or laptop running as it should. It has been around for many years and is still relied on by a broad range of computer users to remove all the excess junk from their hard drives. The software has had several upgrades over the years and along with their free Home version, the developers now offer CCleaner for business, the cloud and even mobile phones.

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CCleaner started out as free software and it’s been downloaded more than 2 billion times according to the official website. There is also a Pro version now available that you can purchase for $29.95.

Why Do You Need a CCleaner Alternative?

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While CCleaner is still the go-to software for many PC owners who want to remove all the unnecessary files from their computer at once, there have been some issues with the company in recent years. In August of 2017, CCleaner was hacked and the people who downloaded the software during that time had harmful malware added to their PC.

Piriform, the company that owns CCleaner managed to replace the infected file with a clean version to download as soon as they discovered the problem. But even in such a short time frame, the popular software was downloaded over a million times. While the problem has been resolved since then, the hack and vulnerability of the once-trusted software has caused many people to seek out alternative options to keep their computers running smoothly.

The CCleaner Hack Affected 2.27 Million Computers

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In August of 2017, Piriform announced that their widely used free software was infected with malware and the final download count for the corrupt file was an estimated 2.27 million computers.

What is Malware?

Malware is software that gathers information from your device such as your IP address, your computer’s name, what software programs are installed on your hard drive, a list of your active software, and any network adapters you have in use. This information is sent to a third-party server. While malware usually doesn’t go after personal information such as your social security number or credit card numbers, it can still wreak havoc on your computer’s performance.

Which Computers Were Infected?

Information from the CEO of Avast, the owner of Piriform, stated that the compromise to their system could have occurred much earlier, perhaps even as far back as July 3rd. This was prior to Avast purchasing the company. The bad software was installed on mostly computers operating on 32-bit Windows 10. However, Avast believes that they were able to take care of the issue before any real damage was done. The versions of CCleaner affecter are CCleaner v5.33.6162 or CCleaner Cloud v1.07.3191 for 32-bit Windows PCs

Are Paid CCleaner Alternatives Better Than Free Versions?

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It really depends on what features you want from your computer optimizing software and what you don’t. There’s no need to pay for software features that you will never use when you can get what you need from the free version. However, there are also some advantages to paid versions of CCleaner alternative software that some users could benefit from.

Typically, if you only use your computer for surfing the web, checking your email, or visiting social media websites then you should be fine using most free versions of CCleaner alternative software. But if you use your computer for school or your job, you may be interested in what the paid versions have to offer. The best way to find out if a free version of a CCleaner alternative is just as good as the paid version is to read up on helpful reviews from customers who have tried out multiple alternatives and understand what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we have put together a list of the best free and paid CCleaner alternative downloads for you to consider.

The Top Free CCleaner Alternative Downloads

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There are several good CCleaner alternative options out there that are available for you to use for free. Here are the top-rated software programs that are designed to work similar to CCleaner all without any fees involved.

1. BleachBit

BleachBit is a convenient alternative to CCleaner with some extras that aren’t offered from the popular program. BleachBit is an open source program, which means that their source code is available to the public. This helps with their transparency as well as aides in the development of their software by allowing users to make their own contributions and fix any bugs along the way.

This program is a simple CCleaner alternative that works very similar to the Piriform software, but it also allows users to build a USB toolkit, and there are different editions available for different operating systems. BleachBit can easily get the job done for free no matter what you use your machine for. And it also includes a Deep Scan feature that can clear out junk from deep within your system files.

2. Baidu Cleaner

Baidu Cleaner is a free application that is designed to give you an ultra-clean experience using cloud-clearing technology. Baidu Cleaner can improve your computer’s performance by building a junk file database in the cloud, identifying which files are taking up too much space and deleting those that you don’t need. The cloud cleaning system is what sets Baidu Cleaner apart from all the rest. Aside from its unique technology, Baidu Cleaner also has a user-friendly interface and is easy for anyone to use.

3. Wise Disk Cleaner

The Wise Disk Cleaner is a CCleaner Alternative that everyone can easily use. It is perfect for basic computer users as well as more advanced experts. You can use it in Common Cleaner mode to easily maintain your computer files. Or use the Advanced Cleaner to do away with unwanted files or empty your cache. There’s even a Slimming System where you can remove unused Windows installation files and reclaim space on your hard drive. There is also a defrag tool that allows you to speed up your drive regardless of your technical experience. You can easily clean up your machine, create a list of cookies to never delete, and set up an automated schedule for routine cleaning.

4. KCleaner

While it may have a similar name, KCleaner isn’t just another clone of CCleaner, it is actually a much easier tool to use. This software provides a thorough drive clean with auto scanning to help keep your privacy protected all the time. It does the job of scanning your hard drive for files that aren’t needed really well. It will also clean up after various programs and web browsers to ensure that no space is ever wasted. While it works great in automatic mode, you can also use KCleaner in manual mode if you want.

5. PrivaZer

PrivaZer is another free, high-quality alternative to CCleaner that anyone can use. It offers deep scans of your system and securely deletes personal data to protect your privacy. PrivaZer has both basic and advanced modes making it a great choice for any type of PC owner. And both modes feature a wizard-style interface that makes it easier to use. This software features a Deep Scan option for local and removable drives. Your confidential data can be overwritten as many as 35 times to ensure that it is completely unrecoverable. PrivaZer also allows you to clean up your files providing you with more hard drive space.

The Top Paid CCleaner Alternative Downloads

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CCleaner was completely free software for many years, and then the company came out with a Pro version that included other programs such defragging software that could help your PC run even better. Sometimes its good to check out the paid versions of computer optimization software because there can be some useful tools added to these programs. Here are some of the best paid CCleaner alternative downloads for you to consider.

1. AVG PC Tuneup for PC, Mac, and Android

AVG PC Tuneup is available in both a free and paid version. Overall the paid version has 17 useful tools that help to remove junk from your computer and eliminate frequent crashes. It claims to make your PC run smoother by increasing the battery life, increasing storage, improving speed, and reducing issues that could cause potential problems. You can choose which version of AVG you want to download based on your specific needs. This is a great system that makes cleaning up your PC a quick and simple task. It is available for use on Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

2. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is another popular alternative to CCleaner. This software promises that it can help your PC run faster than any other computer optimizing software. Glary Utilities is well-known among computer experts because it does what it should to improve the health and performance of your machine. The Disk Clean Up tool frees up space while other features such as the Temporary File Cleaner improve your privacy and security levels. This tool can also help you take charge of your startup management, encrypt files, look for duplicate files to delete and other options that can also be found on CCleaner. Along with a free version, there is also a Glary Utilities Pro version available.


3. Iobit Advanced SystemCare

Iobit Advanced SystemCare is available in a free version and an affordable paid version. While the free version is useful, the paid software includes a lot of extra tools and utilities that can ensure that your computer runs faster with fewer issues.

Iobit Advanced SystemCare is one of the most popular PC utility programs out there and it can do much more than the standard version of CCleaner. It can defragment your hard drive, destroy unwanted files, clean up your windows registry, change your OS configuration create and delete system restore points and provide you with information about the use of your CPU, hard drive, RAM and network traffic.

4. CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac is a Mac-only utility that works similar to CCleaner. It is one of the top recommended programs for Mac uses and it comes with several tools to keep your machine running efficiently. There is a free trial available to download and the paid version is $39.95.

This software includes a useful uninstall tool, file cleaner tools for iTunes and iPhoto, and a Smart Cleanup option that will free up space on your Mac. It can also provide users with detailed information about their Mac’s hardware and a status check of the hard drive. You can also quickly check your remaining battery life when using the program on a MacBook, and how much RAM is still available.

5. jv16 PowerTools

This PC utility from Macecraft software includes plenty of advanced features that will help your PC run as it should. You can use jv16 PowerTools to eliminate junk files and folders, clear up your registry and delete any leftover files from downloads and installations. It features a simple user interface that makes it a great choice for any computer owner. There are tools that can help clean up every part of your system, and the software is also customizable. You can download a free 60 day trial or purchase the affordable Windows software for around $30.


Why You Should Always Have a Product Like CCleaner on your Computer

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Whether you choose to stick with CCleaner or try out one of these alternatives, it is good to have some type of reliable computer optimization software on your Mac or PC. These programs can do so much to keep your machine protected from threats and running as it should.

If your system has slowed down over time and you have difficulty with error messages and crashes, it is time to clean up your PC using one of these trusted programs. And although CCleaner had a problem with a malware hack, experts still say that it is one of the best programs out there for all types of computer users. So, whether you want to go with a free version or purchase something with a few more cleaning and protection options, there are several CCleaner alternative programs out there for you to choose from.

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