10 Cell Phone Usage Mistakes You Must Avoid!

Most of us take cell phones for granted. If you give it some thought, you will appreciate the fact that they are actually pretty amazing devices, allowing you to constantly and wirelessly stay in touch with people and with the world wide web, pretty much from anywhere in the...
Posted On 12 Jul 2014
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10 OS X Shortcuts That Make Life Easier!

Most people who use OS X, Windows or any other operating system are people who don’t know a thing about keyboard shortcuts! It is either that or they think that keyboard shortcuts are too complicated to remember. We bet you find it convenient to use shortcuts to copy and...
Posted On 03 Jul 2014
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How To Monitor MacBook Battery Health?

Whether you have a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, you will probably say that one of the most important things that you love about your MacBook is the easy portability and long battery life, allowing you to work on your MacBook while on the go; while at the park, while on a flight...
Posted On 10 Jun 2014
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Can You Survive a Day Without Your Smartphone?

If you are game, we would like to put you up to a challenge. Can you go for a day, let’s say tomorrow, without using your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop, just for a period of 24 hours? You can tell your parents, loved ones, the people you work with and your friends that...
Posted On 27 May 2014
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How To Use TV as Monitor?

Did you know that you can use your TV as monitor, quite easily we might add!? With the falling price of high definition TVs, using a 32′, 40′ or even 50′ or much bigger TVs as your computer monitor provides exciting opportunities for you to make the daily date...
Posted On 25 May 2014
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