Beware Third-Party Adapters for Your iPhone 8

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Apple’s Getting Better at Preventing Third-Party Hardware

Remember that sad day back in 2016 when Apple killed the headphone jack? I felt pretty broken up about it. And I still am, even though I now own the iPhone 8. I like having headphones that I use for a variety of devices in my house and transfer from product to product without much thought. Unfortunately, the lightning jack headphones are single use hardware.

I upgraded to the iPhone 8 for a variety of reasons, but I still grumble about the missing headphone jack. I bought an lightning connection converter for each pair of headphones in my stash.

Third-Party Lightning Connection Converter No Longer Supported

At first it seemed as if life went along just fine. But then, one fateful Monday morning, I updated by iPhone software and the next time I used my iPhone headphone adapter, I was able to listen through them for about one minute and then this error message popped up, “This accessory may not be supported.”

What?! I’m using a headphone dongle thing. It’s not rocket science! How is this device not supported?!

—-> Insert a lot of yelling at my iPhone <—-

Alas, my iPhone didn’t care about my rage.

To the internet I went. I read about a dozen tips and techniques for getting around Apple’s ban and they did not work. For the time being, Apple is winning the battle on third-party hardware.

Here’s what you need to know,

  • All hardware must be MFI: “Made For Apple”
  • The vast majority of converters and other third-party hardware on Amazon are not MFI (despite advertisement to the contrary)
  • Apple-approved hardware is currently being sold at, Target, and BestBuy

For now, we recommend you avoid third-party hardware and, unfortunately, you need to purchase official Apple hardware. We believe this is incredibly unfriendly to consumers, but it’s where we’re at right now.

Well update you on future changes.

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